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Terraform Basics Workflow loop explained!!!

  • init – Init. Initialize the (local) Terraform environment. Usually executed only once per session.
  • plan – Plan. Compare the Terraform state with the as-is state in the cloud, build and display an execution plan. This does not change change the deployment (read-only).
  • apply – Apply the plan from the plan phase. This potentially changes the deployment (read and write).
  • destroy – Destroy all resources that are governed by this specific terraform environment.

Workflow to working with terraform?

Step – 1 – Install terraform

Step – 2 – Decide a providers name which you want to work with?

Step – 3 – Decide a provider’s resources and Argument Reference which you want to use in terraform program.

Step – 4 – Initialize terraform providers

Step – 5 – Declare terraform providers resources and Arguments in .tf file

Step – 6 – PLAN (DRY RUN) using terraform plan

Step – 7 – APPLY (Create a Resoureces) using terraform apply

Step – 8 – APPLY (Update a Resoureces) using terraform apply

Step – 9 – DESTROY (DELETE a Resoureces) using terraform destroy.

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