Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool | Best Static Code Analysis Tools List

This is Ashwani, this is my next article realted to softwre industry. Previously, I have shared my view on the Top 5 Code Coverage Tools. If you want to check that please click Here. Now Today i want to share something with you about Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool. So, there are two things one is Static Analysis and second one is Static Code Analysis.let me explain What is Static Analysis. And after that I will explain about What is Static Code Analysis Tool

What is Static Analysis?
The process of amending by automatically observed the source code before running the program. Such process is called as Static Analysis. Now i’m explaining the second one about What is Static Code Analysis Tool.

What is Static Code Analysis Tool?
This is also the same thing as Static Analysis “The process of amending by automatically observed the source code before running the program”. Only a difference is Static Code Analysis Tool is finished by examine a set of code against a set of coding rules. Static Code Analysis and Static Analysis are similr to each other. This Static Code Analysis Tool generally finds the fault in source code that helps in leading the program. Now the Question is Where this Static Code Analysis Tool used. I’m explaning this in next paragraph.

Where this Static Code Analysis Tool used?
Static Code Analysis is mainly used to observing the coding guidelines. Earlier the Static Code Analysis is carry out for the development before the testing of software starts. When the Devops organisations were practicing in there formation period this Static Code Analysis takes place. So, you are thinking that who can use this Static Code Analysis Tool. I will explain you in next line.

who can use this Static Code Analysis Tool?
Static Code Analysis Tool also assist Devops by making an automated feedback chain. For this, the developer will know the fault or is there any problem in his code so he can fix that without any further delay and he can easily fix any problem. Now I’m explaining the list of Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool.

List of Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool.

  1. Raxis:- Raxis is one of the best tools which works for my company. It helps as security Developer for examines both business-logic weakness and general security. It is one of the best automated tools which tools find the result which is wastage of time for anyone who uses other automated tools. Raxis is one of the best tools which works for my company. Raxis used to works on every line manually because of the security risks of code. It is designed to full fill the PCI DSS Requirement 6.3.2 which needed to show everything to anyone such as beginner developer can see and use that.
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  2. RIPS Technologies:- RIPS Technologies is one of the best code analysis solutions that execute language-specific security analysis. Which is very useful to finds the weakness that is in deep of the source code when no further tool can find the weakness. RIPS Technologies uses its application cards to find the security threats in developers program as quick as possible. Your Local file and archive upload are scanned by RIPS Technologies to find some errors in your program and you can fix that on the same time. You can fully develop yourself by adding RIPS Technologies in your Programing tools. Click here to know more about this
  3. PVS-Studio:- PVS-Studio performs in many operating systems of 32-bit and 64-bit such as macOS, Windows and Linux atmospheres. It is mainly used for coding languages like Java, C, C++ and C#. PVS-Studio Generally works as a finding tool who finds the weakness in security and find the Bugs in the source code of programs. We can add this into IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, and many more widespread IDE. It brings all the result in SonarQube. PVS-Studio is created for the programmers to help them in finding the bugs and fix that as soon as possible. As It works Like static code analysis.
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  4. Kiuwan:- Kiuwan is a part Static application security testing and Static Code Analysis which helps the market in with the largest technology coverage. DevSecOps helps Kiuwan to reach on the top and sets an excellent standard total like CWE, Owasp, NIST and many other. Kiuwan works as to Secure Your all Code step by step and gives you the best result. This is created for the developer so that they can easily find the weakness of there code and fix all the things easily without any further delay. Kiuwan supports all the Important languages such as C, C++, JAVA and many more, and most of the top DevOps tools were combined. Click here to know more about this
  5. Gamma:- Gamma is created by Acellere. It is the most intelligent software analytics which supports all the programers and his team to create the best quality software in a minimum number of time. With the help of its multi-vector diagnostic technology, Gamma examins the software from its design and multiple lenses. Gamma helps the company to improve the quality of the software and make it transparent for all the industry and the programmer to see how they have improved their technology. Click here to know more about this
  6. Reshift:- Reshift is one of the most SaaS-based software which make easy to find weakness as faster then any other software can do for the company and there software development team before the fully automated program were manufactured. Reshift have the best function that it reduces the time taken to find the bug or problem and also decrease the time to fixing the program. It finds all the possible risk which is dangerous for your program and help all the companies to reach better requirements. Reshift support all the developer, programer and their teams to create a secure program. Click here to know more about this
  7. Visual Expert:- Visual Expert is only the individual tool for static code analysis tools such as PowerBuilder, SQL Server, Oracle codes. It contains more than 200+ features which decreases the maintenance whenever you want to upgrade your software. Some of the features are given below:-
    -Code exploration
    -Code Comparison
    -Code Review
    -E/R Diagrams synchronized with code view.
    -Source Code Documentation
    -CRUD Matrix
    -Impact analysis
    -Code Performance Analysis
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  8. Veracode:- Veracode is such type of code which only created on SaaS model. This is also a static analysis tool which helps you to examine your program for Security check. Veracode is used in many languages such as mobile applications, desktop and web Including .NET, JAVA, etc. The languages which are used in mobile applications and web Browser are explained in following:- The languages which Mobile applications are using – Titanium, PhoneGap, Android (Java), Xamarin, iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and The languages which Web Browser are using – JavaScript (including AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery), Python, Ruby on Rails, Classic ASP, PHP, ColdFusion.Click here to know more about this
  9. Code Compare:- Code Compare is a tool to combine and compare the file and folders. Most of the experienced Developer use this tool for combining problem and deploying source code changes. Most of the well-liked Tools such as Mercurial, SVN, Perforce, TFS and Git were combined with Code Compare tool. There are the following features which Code Compare tool have are given in following:-
    -Folder Comparison
    -Version Control Integration and more
    -Text Comparison and Merging
    -Visual Studio Integration
    -Semantic Source Code Comparison
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  10. CodeSonar:- CodeSonar is created by Grammatech. It helps the Developer to Discover the errors in their program and also find the errors which are related to Domain coding. No other Static Code Analysis Tool is supporting this Feature, this is a big achievement on its own. This is one of the great Static Code Analysis Tool for finding the security weakness and its own ability to find the errors from the bottom. for this, CodeSonar Stands Out for the best static analysis tools which are present in the software atmosphere. Click here to know more about this

Hence, all the things are completed with this, I hope you have got your information about all the things. I have mentioned all the things which is better for you in this Blog. If you want to Know more about these tools so i have mentioned all the tools link.