Top 21 free open source tools for System Diagnostics/Debuggers for software engineers

  🔸 strace – diagnostic, debugging and instructional userspace utility for Linux.
  🔸 DTrace – is a performance analysis and troubleshooting tool.
  🔸 ltrace – is a library call tracer, used to trace calls made by programs to library functions.
  🔸 ptrace-burrito – is a friendly wrapper around ptrace.
  🔸 perf-tools – performance analysis tools based on Linux perf_events (aka perf) and ftrace.
  🔸 bpftrace – high-level tracing language for Linux eBPF.
  🔸 sysdig – system exploration and troubleshooting tool with first class support for containers.
  🔸 Valgrind – is an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools.
  🔸 gperftools – high-performance multi-threaded malloc() implementation, plus some performance analysis tools.
  🔸 glances – cross-platform system monitoring tool written in Python.
  🔸 htop – interactive text-mode process viewer for Unix systems. It aims to be a better ‘top’.
  🔸 bashtop – Linux resource monitor written in pure Bash.
  🔸 nmon – a single executable for performance monitoring and data analysis.
  🔸 atop – ASCII performance monitor. Includes statistics for CPU, memory, disk, swap, network, and processes.
  🔸 lsof – displays in its output information about files that are opened by processes.
  🔸 FlameGraph – stack trace visualizer.
  🔸 lsofgraph – convert Unix lsof output to a graph showing FIFO and UNIX interprocess communication.
  🔸 rr – is a lightweight tool for recording, replaying and debugging execution of applications.
  🔸 Performance Co-Pilot – a system performance analysis toolkit.
  🔸 hexyl – a command-line hex viewer.

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