Top 5 free Software for Video Editing in 2019

1.     Blender

 One of the best free video editors is software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is completely free to use. Blender was actually designed for the 3D animation suite, but comes across as a very useful video editor. The editor allows you to do basic tasks like video cutting and graphics. This allows you to perform tasks such as video masking. This makes it a very flexible video editor as well as it caters to both beginner and advanced users.

Main features:

  • Live preview, luma wave, Chroma vector scope and histogram feature.
  • With audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing, and waveform visualization effects.
  • Available with 32 slots to add video, images, audio and effects.

Pros: Very useful for users with all the features.

Cons: The sheer array of features makes the learning curve a little shorter. The resources to assist  you with the editor are very limited.

2.     Lightworks

One of the best free video editors is software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. LightWorks is one of the more powerful video editors in the field of video editing. It has all the useful facilities available. The free version should be more than enough for editors. Instead of Blender, it has many great video tutorials on LightWorks.

Main features:

  • With high precision of video trimming.
  • With support from Multicam.
  • 720p export facility for Youtube .
  • With a wide range of supported video formats.

Pros: Advanced features and effective video editor for editors.

Cons: 4K video support in paid version.

3. Shotcut

One of the free video editors is software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Like Blender, Shotcut is a completely open source program. The biggest thing is that after downloading it, you get access to all the features without needing to upgrade without paying. Supports a wide range of video formats for video editors as well as boasts a large collection of video tutorials within it. While the software has great features for video editing, some users may find the interface a bit outlandish in the early stages. The software was originally designed for Linux, as well as it certainly shows. But, under the hood, it is still one of the highest quality video editors.

Main features:

  • Two of the special features are 4K HD resolution support and excellent editing at the moment.
  • You do not need to import shortcuts in your video editor.
  • This can be time-saving when working with large video files.

Pros: Relatively straightforward with many powerful features for learning .

Cons: Windows technical support only is not free.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is one of the free video editors software that is available only on Windows. Free powerful set of features including colour correction and audio editing. It is an intuitive, powerful video editing suite aimed at creating complex visual and audio effects videos and incorporating video files of popular formats. The video editing program field quickly converts video and audio files from one format to another.

Main features:

  • It includes a large number of video effects as well as rich audio effects.
  • In addition to video effects and filters, users can also use filters during audio effects on their video and audio files.
  • The software facilitates recording video and footage that are taken from video tuners, webcams and IP cameras.

Pros: Software for the best professional editors. With many powerful features.

Cons: It only supports Windows but not MacOS or Linuux.

5. HitFilm Express

Available for both Windows and Mac. It is one of the professional video editors to make the list. It includes all the features you would expect from a basic editor. It is definitely one of the best all round free video editors, as well as in which users can feel a little advanced on HitFilm. It includes over 180 free packages for special effects.

Main features:

  • Advanced cutting tools available here.
  • Green screen effects for Chroma key
  • Editing with Audio and video filters

Pros: Feature of professional video editor without actually price tag.

Cons: It may take some time to learn the function of the interface.

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