Top 5 free tools to make animation clip Online


To use this software, you have to sign in on PowToon site only then this software will work. To work in it the powToon is divided into three parts. Which has Write Script, Record Voiceover and Add Visuals. There are many templates in it for creating projects. Which can be used to create animations in a very short time. It has the facility of uploading on the direct social site. It sports MP4, PDF, PPT format.

Main Feature:-

·         Easy Write Script

·         Best Visual Effects

·         Title Effects

PROS:- Creating animations in less time.

PROS:- It is not free to download animation.



The animations  is the largest collection of animator in the field. To use the Animaker software, you have to sign in on the site of, only then this software will work. With this software, you can become an expert animated video producer in no time. The animator has amazing tips and tricks in which you can create animations in a simple way. Make videos with great animations for your business, presentations, personal projects and independent projects.


Main Feature:-

·         Its templates with stylish pre-design make it easy to narrate the entire storyboard.

  • Record Mode Facility
  • 50+ Background music tracks
  • Direct Voice Recording
  • Text to speech

PROS:- Its templates with stylish pre-design make it easy to narrate the entire storyboard.

CONS:- We cannot directly upload videos to the video we are making.



GoAnimate can be one of our favourite tools for creating video animations. In this you are allowed to choose 3 themes. Business friendly, whiteboard animations or video info graphics and then you customize your characters, props, backgrounds, text, audio, motion and duration. You can download and export videos in it. GoAnimate is easy to use and is ideal for promoting the product in medium-sized businesses, freelancers and You Tubers.

Main Feature:-

·         Create easy and high-end explanatory videos using Studio.

·         Easy to work with in web studio for animation and voice over

PROS:- Its templates with stylish pre-design make it easy to narrate the entire storyboard.

CONS:- GoAnimate restricts usage after a 14-day free trial and is expensive to upgrade to this plan.


Using Moovly vast library of drag-and-drop videos makes it simple and intuitive to create engaging videos. You do not need multimedia skills or high budgets to create a video like Pro in Moovly. Modify your video creation template with customizable video templates and make attractive videos in minutes.


Main Feature:-

·         Upload your own images, sounds and videos to a private library

·         Uploading facility on social site.

·         Create digital animated videos.


PROS:- Moovly offers a series of libraries full of free assets to create a free video.

CONS:- The video will feature a Moovly watermark And the download is only available with free plan in SD.



Facility to step up your content creation game by creating animated videos in a short time. Wideo helps make video making easy for any new designer. You don’t have to be a videographer to tell an engaging story. In Wideo you can customize your details, and the drag-and-drop in it makes things even easier. You can share animated videos on direct social media as well as download videos to MP4.


Main Feature:-

·         Full HD video downloads.

·         Submit your video in high quality with full screen mode.

·         Take your video to the next level by adding music during work or uploading your voiceover and soundtrack.

PROS – Wideo offers a huge range of free templates best suited for creating highly professional commercial presentations, video ecards, promotional videos and showcases.

CONS- HD is available for paid subscribers as the watermark has to be removed.

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