Top Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2020-21


In this world, money is the best motivator when choosing a career path. If you are considering shift career in technology and want to move forward. So this article is very useful for you because we have prepared a list of the top highest paid tech jobs for you in 2020-21. Now, let’s start.

  1. Data Scientist

In simple language, let’s know about Data scientists. That people who are analytical experts and utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data. In another way, we can say that are big data wranglers, gathering and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data. A data scientist’s role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

How to become a data scientist?

Data scientist Job is one of the best and coolest jobs. If you want to become a data scientist then you have must these skills.

  1. Learn statistics, probability and mathematical analysis
  2. Good Knowledge of Programming language
  3. Business and Domain Knowledge
  4. Excellent Communication Skills
  5. Go for Data science certifications
  6. work on real projects

Salary:- Data Science offers a salary between 4 – 12 lacs to certified experts in India and If you have 5 years of experience in data scientist then you can get INR 60 – 70 Lacs.

  1. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is not a clearly defined role, and in simple language, we can say, it a beautiful elite group. DevOps Engineers share the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience in IT Organizations because DevOps is understood mainly as a mindset. DevOps Engineer always works with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases.

How to become a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is a combination of two words “Dev” and “Ops”. Dev means development and Ops means operations. Some of the skills required of a DevOps engineer include:

  1. Coding and scripting
  2. Understanding deployment and network operations
  3. Familiarity with DevOps
  4. DevOps tools like Git and Jenkins
  5. Knowledge of Linux or Unix system administration

Salary:- According to Glassdoor’s salary statistics, the average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer in India is around Rs 6.4 Lacs and the payScale maintains that the average annual wage of a DevOps Engineer is Rs 6.6 Lacs.

  1. Cloud Architects

Cloud Architects are IT experts who are responsible for the supervision of a company’s cloud computing system. This includes working on cloud application design, cloud approval plans, and the systems needed to manage cloud storage.

How to become a Cloud Architects?
These are some of the skills and knowledge required by a cloud architect include:

  1. In-depth understanding of cloud application architecture
  2. Knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Ability to design and implement infrastructure, platforms, and Applications.

Salary:- The average annual salary of a Cloud Architects in India is around Rs 10 to 15 Lacs.

  1. Full Stack Software Developer

A full-stack web developer is someone who has both front-end as well as backend knowledge. They can work with databases, operating systems and they can also handle project management activities. Basically, they are comfortable working on all tiers of application development. A full-stack developer commands a premium role in the IT industry.

How to become a Full Stack Software Developer?
These are some of the skills and knowledge required by a Full Stack Software Developer include:


  1. SQL, Database design, administration, normalization and query optimization
  2. At least one server-side language like Java, C#, Python, Go etc.


  1. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  2. At least one JavaScript framework like Angular, React etc.

Salary:- According to Glassdoor, the average salary of full-stack developers is INR 9.24 LPA In India.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

We know very well that Artificial Intelligence is the future. AI has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is almost omnipresent. Artificial Intelligence Engineers build, test, and deploy AI models, as well as maintain the underlying AI infrastructure.

How to become a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer?

These are some of the skills and knowledge required by a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer include:

First of all, Have solid programming skills and know Python, R, and Torch.
Clear knowledge of AI, including Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning.

Salary:- If you have 3 to 4 years of experience in AI, you can earn around Rs. 5-20 LPA.

I hope this article gives you good guidance.


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