What is Azure Spring Cloud?

Spring Cloud Azure is an open-source project that provides seamless spring integration with Azure services. It gives developers a Spring-idiomatic way to connect and consume Azure services, with only need few lines of configuration and minimal code changes. Once you’re ready to run your spring app in the cloud, we recommend Azure Spring Cloud. Azure Spring Cloud is a fully managed Spring Cloud service, built and supported by the same team as Spring Cloud Azure.

It was the result of joint effort of Microsoft and VMware to provide an easy development experience when building cloud-native applications depending on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and integrating with Azure Cloud components.

Why use Azure Spring Cloud?

Being able to view your data in a single UI makes troubleshooting errors and issues much easier. Now, Spring Boot developers can enjoy that benefit in New Relic One. With Microsoft Azure’s latest integration, you can simply send your application data directly to New Relic One.

Deployment of applications to Azure Spring Cloud has so many benefits, such as:

  • Efficiently migrate existing Spring apps and manage cloud scaling and costs.
  • Modernize apps with Spring Cloud patterns to improve agility and speed of delivery.
  • Run Java at cloud scale and drive higher usage without complicated infrastructure.
  • Develop and deploy rapidly without containerization dependencies.
  • Monitor production workloads efficiently and effortlessly.

Service overview

As part of the Azure ecosystem, Azure Spring Cloud allows easy binding to other Azure services including storage, databases, monitoring, and more.

  • Azure Spring Cloud is a totally managed service for Spring Boot apps and that allow you to focus on building and running apps without the hassle of managing infrastructure.
  • Simply deploy your JARs or code for your Spring Boot app or Zip for your Steeltoe app, and Azure Spring Cloud will automatically wire your apps with spring service runtime and built-in app lifecycle.
  • It is very easy to monitor after deployment, you can monitor app performance, fix errors, and rapidly improve applications.
  • Full integration to Azure’s ecosystems and services.
  • For new development, the managed environment provides infrastructure services such as Eureka, Config Server, Service Registry Server, and blue-green deployment. There is no need to create, deploy or manage services that can provide these functionalities.
  • It is easy to bind applications with other Azure services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MySQL, and Azure Cache for Redis.

Azure Spring Cloud is an enterprise ready with fully managed infrastructure, built-in lifecycle management, and ease of monitoring.

Key Features offer by Azure Spring Cloud

Azure Spring Cloud manages the lifecycle of Spring Cloud applications, so developers can focus on their code. Spring Cloud provides so many key features, such as:

  • Spring Cloud Config Server

In this features easily can use multiple microservices, which is pre-configured and managed. Azure Spring Cloud Config is used here to inject settings from a Git repository into the application and display it on the screen.

  • Log Streaming and Analytics

Azure Spring Cloud offers logs/metrics collection and storage relying on Log Analytics, Azure Storage, or Azure Event Hubs, it is part of Azure Monitor.

  • Distributed Tracing

Azure Spring Cloud allow to view Application Map, which completely relies on Azure Application Insights. It helps to quickly visualize how applications are performing, as well as detect and diagnose issues across microservices.

  • Performance Metrics

Azure Spring Cloud provides out-of-the-box capabilities to review application performance metrics.

  • Blue-Green Deployment

This features “Blue-green deployment” pattern allows testing the latest application changes on production infrastructure without exposing the changes to consumers until your testing is complete.


Azure Spring Cloud is an excellent service of te time for rapid fast build, deploy and maintain Spring Boot applications securely in the cloud with minimum efforts and a variety set of application monitoring and alerting features.

In summary, Azure Spring Cloud provides the below benefits:

Easy and simple development approaches

Less infrastructure to manage

High availability with b/g deployment

A secure network

Hope you find this information helpful and enough knowledge about Azure Spring Cloud.

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