What is Google Analytics and How Google Analytics works

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great service for many reasons, at least its price tag is zero. Another great benefit for site owners is its ease of installation. In just a few simple steps, site owners can track most people who visit their site.

After signing up for an account and adding a small snippet of code to every page, site owners are ready to track the wealth of information. But not every visitor can be tracked, and not all types of interactions with the original installation of Google Analytics can be recorded. And both of these limitations are due to the intrinsic functioning of the GA.

Keeping this in mind, I am hoping that this post will help to destroy what is really going on in Google Analytics. In particular, I am going to focus on how GA collects information from site visitors. With a better understanding of this process, you should be able to identify situations in which Google Analytics cannot provide very accurate information to your site.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics works by relying on a small code JavaScript went put on your website that enables the code to visitors coming to your site. This allows Google to record important information about your site so you can better understand your site visitors and make your business.

The code that you place on your website will look at three main sources of data and information. It will use:
  • First party cookies
  • The HTTP request that the browser sends
  • The browser and system information of the user

Through these data sources, the code will track information about people who visit your website. This is something you will see the user’s geographical location, which will help you understand the language in which they are on your site and all of the pages that they visit the website. Google tracking code information will be sent to Google Analytics servers to collect. Learn more about the Google Analytics works – BrightGeto is displayed in reports that you can see.

The Google businesses want to help the online flourish because when websites provide a solid user experience, it is beneficial to people browsing this site. It helps them to feel satisfied with the results obtained from the search engine. In turn, there is much more to the search engines them the possibility, which is Google happy. To improve its website and ability to engage customers, Google has created Google Analytics. When you place the Analytics code on your website, you have access to a free platform that provides in-depth information about the behavior of visitors to your site and what interests them.

These analytics can help you make business decisions. You have to see what customers like best on your website, which pages don’t help customers, and where your site can improve. You can also take this information and integrate it into your BrightEdge Platform account, which will help you analyze your site performance in depth. This information will make it easier to improve your site and therefore your business.

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