What is Jenkins and Why we need it?

What is jenkins?

  • Web Based tool to automate manual steps for any repetitive SDLC daily tasks.
  • Continuous integration tool
  • Continuous delivery tool
  • Jenkins can integrate with any available tools with a help of plugins
  • Jenkins jobs/projects run can be scheduled conditionally
  • Each fearure of plugins powered/extended with plugins
  • Jenkins has 300+ plugins to extend a jenkins fearure
  • Jenkins has 4 variant of release or major versions.
    — Jenkins Commuunity
    — Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees
    — Jenkins X
    — Jenkins Blue Ocean
  • Current release is 2.X
  • Jenkins is Written in Java so this can be installed in any OS.
  • Jenkins old name is hudson
  • Jenkins is popular for creating CI/CD pipeline using code(jenkinsfile).

What is continuous integration?

  • Automated Build with immediate feedback
  • Auto Testing with immediate feedback

Details short version of continuous integration?

  • Automated Code Review with immediate feedback
  • Automated Build with immediate feedback
  • Automated Unit testing with immediate feedback
  • Automated Packaging with immediate feedback
  • Automated Package archive with immediate feedback
  • Automated Deployment to QA, UAT, Stageing env with immediate feedback
  • Automated Acceptance Testing with immediate feedback
  • Automated Code Coverage with immediate feedback

For achieving this, You need to integrate many tools such as following in Java Stack

  • Automated Code Review with SonarQube
  • Automated Build with Maven
  • Automated Unit testing with Junit
  • Automated Packaging with Jar
  • Automated Package archive with Nexus
  • Automated Deployment to QA, UAT, Staging env with Ansible
  • Automated Acceptance Testing with Selenium
  • Automated Code Coverage with Jacoco.

Thus, we need one tool which can be integrated with SonarQube, Maven, Junit, Jar, Nexus, Ansible, Selenium and Jacoco and the tool is Jenkins.

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