What is SEO ?

Through SEO you can make your website ranking. Search engine optimization is a process that brings Google Top List feet to your website.

There are three ways

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Grey hat SEO
  1. White Hat SEO – Everything you do in White Hat SEO organizes your website. You write good content to him and go to other people and talk about the content with which those people refer to your website, calling it White Hat SEO.
  2. Black Hat SEO – Where you build a website and other people pay you to make a link to your website, it is called Black Hat SEO.
  3. Grey Hat SEO – Giving link to parent’s website through their website is called Grey Hat SEO.

Why to do SEO?

Understand your own content within the website easily and the search engines have no problem in reading the content. SEO is done to bring your website to Google rankings.

Importance of SEO?

Bringing traffic to your website

Keeping your website ranked for a long time

What is Off-page and On-page SEO?

Off-page SEO

In off-page SEO, you have to work outside your blog and promote your blog post in it. It includes all the factors like Backlinks, Web Directory Submission, Social Media Sharing, Search Engine Submission so that your article gets ranked.


We optimize our blog and blog articles or blog design through SEO techniques for our website posts, pages for search engines so that we can reach our blog to as many people.

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