What is the Importance of an XML sitemap in SEO?

What is an XML sitemap?

The XML Sitemap acts as a roadmap for your site. This takes Google to all pages of the site, even if internal linking is not good. This means that the XML Sitemap informs search engines which pages on the website to crawl. They allow your website to communicate better with search engines. SEO experts recommend them as they help improve your SEO, ranking.

XML sitemaps have become important for building a long-term foundation on every website. Naturally, your search relies on flawless XML sitemaps to grow within the scope of the web. It is no surprise that recently the popularity and awareness of XML Sitemaps has managed to catch everyone’s interest. However, Sitemaps are not new, reverting to early SEO practices.

In other words, an XML sitemap will make Google easier to find your pages when it crawls your website because all your pages can be ranked, not your website as one domain. This informs search engines about the pages of sites that are available for crawling. While no XML sitemap is penalized, creating yours is highly recommended as it can improve your SEO.

Importance of XML Sitemap

  • Lists all your URLs present in your site including the ones that would not have been founded by the search engines.
  • Helps Google understand your entire website structure.
  • Faster indexing in search engines.
  • Categorization of your content
  • Better reporting on your site

How to create XML Sitemap?

XML sitemap can be created by using any of the following ways.

  1. Using the help of Content Management Systems
  2. Using plugins like Yoast SEO.
  3. Manually writing the code as per the required protocol
  4. Using sitemap generator tools
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