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Roman Primerov

Country: United States .      State: California .      City: Sacramento County

About: Full Stack - Web Developer - PHP Laravel, JavaScript VUE, MySQL, HTML/CSS. Software engineer AWS Linux LAMP with Python, SEO, UX/UI eCommerce Design. - My current version of the resume. As an owner, I have sometimes been involved with the business, giving me a deep understanding of the most effective tasks in achieving our ultimate goal. My profile reflects a wide range of IT skills, which I have developed due to my motivation for producing results. I have experience in everything from building UI/UX designs to developing code with SEO rules. Still, my primary focus has always been software engineering because of its difficulty and excellent stability compared to other areas in IT. I can work remotely, but I am also open to traveling to your team's location in the future if necessary because this would allow me to improve your business processes. Additionally, I can learn new languages and then serve a new specializing as a Software Engineer if you need it.

Ajax , Amazon Web Services , Apache HTTPD , AWS Certified Developer Professional , Bash Scripting , Bootstrap , Centos , CSS , Docker , Git , Github , HTML , JavaScript , Jquery , JSON , Laravel , linux , mysql , Perl , PHP , Postgresql , Python , Ubuntu , Vagrant , vue.js ,
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