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About Github Pilot Advance Training

DevOpsSchool offers Advance Github Pilot Online and Classroom Training by IT experts. In this training, you will learn fundamental of using Github Pilot for distributed source control in many scenarios such as application development and content hosting. It is the largest open-source hosting platform on the planet for coding. In addition to the Git code warehouse hosting and basic web management interface. If you wish to learn Github Pilot more appropriately than DevOpsSchool is the place because we have few best Github Pilot instructors who are dedicated towards it only. They will help you to grab it all.

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code assistant developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. It is designed to help software developers by automatically suggesting lines of code or whole functions as they write. Copilot is integrated into coding environments like Visual Studio Code and works by understanding the context of the code being written. It is based on a sophisticated language model trained on a large corpus of public source code and other texts.

Why GitHub Copilot is Important:

  • Enhances Productivity: GitHub Copilot can significantly speed up the coding process by suggesting relevant code snippets and reducing the time spent on writing boilerplate code.
  • Learning and Improvement: For less experienced programmers, it serves as a learning tool, offering insights into best practices and exposing them to a variety of coding styles and patterns.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: Copilot's support for a wide range of programming languages makes it a versatile tool for developers working in different tech stacks.
  • Reduces Coding Errors: By providing tested and commonly used code snippets, it can help in reducing simple coding errors, thus improving code quality.
  • Innovation in Coding: As an AI-driven tool, it represents a significant innovation in the field of software development, paving the way for more advanced coding assistants in the future.

GitHub Copilot Core Features:

  • Context-Aware Code Suggestions: It suggests code based on the current coding context, including variables, libraries used, and the developer's coding style.
  • Autocompletion for Various Languages: Offers autocomplete suggestions for a wide array of programming languages and frameworks.
  • Code Refactoring: Assists in refactoring code by suggesting improved or more efficient ways of implementing certain functionalities.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Interprets comments and generates code based on natural language descriptions, allowing developers to write code by describing their intent in plain English.
  • Customizable Suggestions: Developers can accept, reject, or modify suggestions, tailoring the tool to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate smoothly with popular development environments, particularly Visual Studio Code.
  • Code Snippet Generation: Beyond single lines of code, Copilot can generate entire functions, classes, or even more complex code structures.
  • Learning from User Feedback: It continually improves its suggestions based on user interactions and feedback.

GitHub Copilot Training Objectives:

  • Understanding GitHub Copilot: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what GitHub Copilot is, its core features, and how it integrates with development environments.
  • Maximizing Efficiency with Copilot: Learn how to effectively use GitHub Copilot to enhance coding efficiency and productivity, including tips on accepting, modifying, and improving suggestions.
  • Best Practices and Use Cases: Understand the best practices for using GitHub Copilot across different programming languages and scenarios. Explore real-world use cases where Copilot can significantly improve coding workflows.
  • Code Quality and Review: Develop skills to critically review and assess the code generated by Copilot, ensuring that it meets project standards and is free from common errors.
  • Customizing Copilot for Your Needs: Learn how to tailor Copilot's suggestions to fit personal or organizational coding styles and preferences.
  • Staying Updated with Copilot's Evolution: Understand how to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and features in GitHub Copilot, ensuring continuous improvement in its usage.

GitHub Copilot Training Target Audience:

  • Software Developers and Programmers: Professionals who are actively involved in writing code and are looking to enhance their productivity and coding practices.
  • Technical Team Leads and Managers: Individuals who oversee software development teams and are interested in adopting new tools to improve team efficiency.
  • Coding Educators and Trainers: Those who teach programming and are looking to incorporate GitHub Copilot into their curriculum or training programs.
  • Coding Enthusiasts and Hobbyists: Individuals with a passion for coding, looking to explore the latest AI-assisted coding technologies.
  • AI and Tech Innovators: Professionals interested in the intersection of AI and software development, keen on understanding the capabilities and implications of AI-powered coding assistants.

GitHub Copilot Training Methodology:

  • Interactive Lectures and Demos: Sessions led by experienced instructors, featuring live demonstrations of GitHub Copilot in action across various coding scenarios.
  • Hands-On Exercises and Labs: Participants will engage in practical exercises, using GitHub Copilot in real-world coding tasks to solidify their understanding and skills.
  • Case Studies and Example Projects: Analysis of case studies and example projects where GitHub Copilot has been effectively used, highlighting best practices and diverse applications.
  • Group Discussions and Q&A Sessions: Opportunities for participants to engage in discussions, share experiences, and clarify doubts with peers and instructors.
  • Feedback and Continuous Learning Resources: Provision of resources for continuous learning and updates on GitHub Copilot, along with a platform for feedback to tailor future training sessions according to participant needs.
  • Assessment and Certification: Evaluation of participants’ understanding and proficiency in using GitHub Copilot, culminating in a certification for successful learners.

GitHub Copilot Certification Program:

Program Overview:

The GitHub Copilot Certification Program is designed to acknowledge and validate the skills of developers in effectively using GitHub Copilot as a coding assistant. This program aims to certify individuals who have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of GitHub Copilot, including its features, best practices, and applications in real-world coding scenarios.

Key Components:

  • Training Modules: A series of structured training modules covering GitHub Copilot’s features, integration, and practical use cases.
  • Practical Assessments: Hands-on coding assignments and projects where participants apply GitHub Copilot in various programming tasks.
  • Examination: A formal test assessing the participant's knowledge and proficiency in using GitHub Copilot, including understanding its AI model, code suggestion mechanisms, and customization options.
  • Certification Criteria: A set of benchmarks that participants must meet or exceed, demonstrating their ability to effectively utilize GitHub Copilot in a professional setting.
  • Continued Education: Opportunities for certified individuals to stay updated with the latest advancements and updates in GitHub Copilot.


  • Professional Recognition: Certified individuals gain recognition for their expertise in utilizing advanced AI-assisted coding tools.
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: The certification can enhance job prospects and professional development in the software development industry.
  • Community and Networking: Access to a community of certified professionals, offering networking and collaborative opportunities.

GitHub Copilot Lab Setup:

Environment Setup:

  • Code Editor Installation: Setting up a code editor that supports GitHub Copilot, such as Visual Studio Code.
  • GitHub Copilot Extension: Installing the GitHub Copilot extension in the chosen code editor.
  • API Access and Configuration: Configuring the necessary API access and settings to enable GitHub Copilot functionalities.

Lab Infrastructure:

  • Coding Environments: Creating diverse coding environments tailored to different programming languages and frameworks to test and use GitHub Copilot.
  • Project Repositories: Setting up project repositories for hands-on practice, including sample projects and coding challenges.
  • Collaboration Tools: Integrating collaboration tools to facilitate group exercises and peer review in lab activities.

Hands-On Activities:

  • Code Writing Sessions: Structured coding sessions where participants use GitHub Copilot to write, refactor, and debug code.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Simulating real-world coding scenarios to understand how GitHub Copilot adapts to different coding requirements and styles.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing feedback mechanisms for participants to report their experience, challenges, and insights while using GitHub Copilot.

Instructor-led, Live & Interactive Sessions

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8 to 12 Hrs. (Approx)
Videos (Self Learning)
Public batch


5 Days
Corporate (Online/Classroom)
Github Pilot Advance Training
Corporate Batch
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Agenda: Github Pilot Advance Training Download Curriculum

1 Understanding the problems 5%
2 Concept Discussion 10%
3 Demo 25%
4 Lab & Exercise 50%
5 Assessments & Projects 10%


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  • The career opportunities for skilled professionals are increasing significantly with huge scope for career growth.
  • According to, the average salary of a Github Pilot professional is $177,530 per annum.
  • Github Pilot being the leading data analytics tool is adopted by many MNCs worldwide. With this, the demand for Github Pilot professionals is gradually increasing -
  • IT Operations, IT Monitoring, IT Support, & Data Center teams.
  • Business Analysts and Data Analysts who want to gain knowledge of Github Pilot development for creating Apps and Dashboards
  • Understand Github Pilot concepts
  • Apply various techniques to visualize data using multiple graphs and dashboards
  • Implement Github Pilot in the organization to monitor operational intelligence
  • Troubleshoot various application log issues using SPL (Search Processing Language)
  • Implement indexers, forwarders, deployment servers and deployers in Github Pilot
  • Have basic mathematic knowledge
  • Want to learn more about Github Pilot
  • Professionals seeking a transition to Cybersecurity domain from any background
  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their skillsets
  • Enthusiasts looking to enter the exciting world of Cybersecurity


What are the benefits of "Github Pilot " Certification?

Certifications always play a crucial role in any profession. You may find some Github Pilot professional's, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; This certification demonstrates an individual's ability to generate complex searches, reports, and dashboards with Github Pilot 's core software to get the most out of their data.

A Github Pilot Core Certified User can search, use fields, use look-ups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the Github Pilot Enterprise or Github Pilot Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the Github Pilot Software.


To maintain the quality of our live sessions, we allow limited number of participants. Therefore, unfortunately live session demo cannot be possible without enrollment confirmation. But if you want to get familiar with our training methodology and process or trainer's teaching style, you can request a pre recorded Training videos before attending a live class.

Yes, after the training completion, participant will get one real-time scenario based project where they can impletement all their learnings and acquire real-world industry setup, skills, and practical knowledge which will help them to become industry-ready.

All our trainers, instructors and faculty members are highly qualified professionals from the Industry and have at least 10-15 yrs of relevant experience in various domains like IT, Agile, SCM, B&R, DevOps Training, Consulting and mentoring. All of them has gone through our selection process which includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they onboard to led our sessions.

No. But we help you to get prepared for the interviews and resume preparation as well. As there is a big demand for DevOps professionals, we help our participants to get ready for it by working on a real life projects and providing notifications through our "JOB updates" page and "Forum updates" where we update JOB requirements which we receive through emails/calls from different-different companies who are looking to hire trained professionals.

The system requirements include Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 2GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage with Windows/CentOS/Redhat/Ubuntu/Fedora.

All the Demo/Hands-on are to be executed by our trainers on DevOpsSchool's AWS cloud. We will provide you the step-wise guide to set up the LAB which will be used for doing the hands-on exercises, assignments, etc. Participants can practice by setting up the instances in AWS FREE tier account or they can use Virtual Machines (VMs) for practicals.

  • Google Pay/Phone pe/Paytm
  • NEFT or IMPS from all leading Banks
  • Debit card/Credit card
  • Xoom and Paypal (For USD Payments)
  • Through our website payment gateway

Please email to

You will never lose any lecture at DevOpsSchool. There are two options available: You can view the class presentation, notes and class recordings that are available for online viewing 24x7 through our Learning management system (LMS). You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch or in the next batch within 3 months. Please note that, access to the learning materials (including class recordings, presentations, notes, step-bystep-guide etc.)will be available to our participants for lifetime.

Yes, Classroom training is available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi location. Apart from these cities classroom session can be possible if the number of participants are 6 plus in that specific city.

Location of the training depends on the cities. You can refer this page for locations:- Contact

We use GoToMeeting platform to conduct our virtual sessions.

DevOpsSchool provides "DevOps Certified Professional (DCP)" certificte accredited by which is industry recognized and does holds high value. Particiapant will be awarded with the certificate on the basis of projects, assignments and evaluation test which they will get within and after the training duration.

If you do not want to continue attend the session in that case we can not refund your money back. But, if you want to discontinue because of some genuine reason and wants to join back after some time then talk to our representative or drop an email for assistance.

Our fees are very competitive. Having said that if the participants are in a group then following discounts can be possible based on the discussion with representative
Two to Three students – 10% Flat discount
Four to Six Student – 15% Flat discount
Seven & More – 25% Flat Discount

If you are reaching to us that means you have a genuine need of this training, but if you feel that the training does not fit to your expectation level, You may share your feedback with trainer and try to resolve the concern. We have no refund policy once the training is confirmed.

You can know more about us on Web, Twitter, Facebook and linkedin and take your own decision. Also, you can email us to know more about us. We will call you back and help you more about the trusting DevOpsSchool for your online training.

If the transaction occurs through the website payment gateway, the participant will receive an invoice via email automatically. In rest options, participant can drop an email or contact to our representative for invoice



Abhinav Gupta, Pune


The training was very useful and interactive. Rajesh helped develop the confidence of all.


Indrayani, India


Rajesh is very good trainer. Rajesh was able to resolve our queries and question effectively. We really liked the hands-on examples covered during this training program.


Ravi Daur , Noida


Good training session about basic Devops concepts. Working session were also good, howeverproper query resolution was sometimes missed, maybe due to time constraint.


Sumit Kulkarni, Software Engineer


Very well organized training, helped a lot to understand the DevOps concept and detailed related to various tools.Very helpful


Vinayakumar, Project Manager, Bangalore


Thanks Rajesh, Training was good, Appreciate the knowledge you poses and displayed in the training.


Abhinav Gupta, Pune


The training with DevOpsSchool was a good experience. Rajesh was very helping and clear with concepts. The only suggestion is to improve the course content.

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