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About VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition

VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition builds on Tanzu Standard Edition to simplify and secure the container life cycle, enabling teams to accelerate the delivery of modern apps at scale across clouds. It adds a comprehensive global control plane with observability and service mesh; advanced load balancing; and developer enablement in terms of frameworks, data services, an image catalog, and automated build. So, VMware Tanzu Standard Edition includes all of the components of VMware Tanzu Basic Edition, and VMware Tanzu Advanced includes all of the components of VMware Tanzu Standard Edition and Tanzu Basic Edition.

Instructor-led, Live & Interactive Sessions

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8 to 12 Hrs.(Approx)
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8 to 12 Hrs.(Approx)
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15 Days
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VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition
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Agenda of the VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition Download Curriculum

Day-1 Management

  • Management - vCenter Server
  • Management - VMware Tanzu Mission Control Standard

Day - 2

  • Management - VMware Tanzu Mission Control Advanced
  • Observability - Platform monitoring and alerting provided by highly available (HA) Prometheus and Grafana dashboards

Day - 3

  • Observability - VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront
  • Observability - Fluent Bit

Day - 4

  • Observability - Platform monitoring and alerting provided by Prometheus and Grafana dashboards
  • Observability - Platform monitoring and alerting provided by highly available (HA) Prometheus and Grafana dashboards

Day - 5

  • Observability - VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront
  • Kubernetes Runtime - VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on vSphere

Day - 6

  • Kubernetes Runtime - VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service
  • Networking - Container Networking with Antrea built in to Tanzu Kubernetes clusters

Day - 7

  • Networking - Calico
  • Networking - VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Essentials

Day - 8

  • Networking - VMware Container Networking with Antrea for Tanzu Advanced
  • Networking - VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Day - 9

  • Networking - VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Enterprise
  • Container Build - VMware Tanzu Build Service for Tanzu Advanced

Day - 10

  • Developer Framework - VMware Spring Runtime
  • Image Management - Harborv

Day - 11

  • Image Management - Sphere Registry Service (with NSX-T Data Center)
  • Image Management - VMware Tanzu Application Catalog for Tanzu Advanced

Day - 12

  • Application Service - VMware Tanzu Application Service

Day - 13

  • Data Services - VMware Tanzu SQL

Day - 14

  • CI/CD - Concourse for VMware Tanzu

Day - 15

  • Analytics - VMware Tanzu Greenplum
1 Understanding the problems 5%
2 Concept Discussion 10%
3 Demo 25%
4 Lab & Exercise 50%
5 Assessments & Projects 10%


As part of this, You would be given complete interview preparations kit, set to be ready for the SRE hotseat. This kit has been crafted by 200+ years industry experience and the experiences of nearly 10000 DevOpsSchool SRE learners worldwide.


To put your knowledge on into action, you will be required to work on 1 real time scenario industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This project will be completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum and help you to understand real-work environment.


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    This is the ERA of IT and the whole world has switched to online. Whether shops, banks, service industries or any other businesses and its really crucial to have services up and running as quickly as possible and we must try to prevent any subsequent failure for as long as possible.

    If we'll see various services like: GMAIL, Google, Walmart, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter or various e-commerce operations to global banks to search engines they have been running like without any failure for a much longer period of time. We don't even remember when the last time their operations was down. According to Gartner, the average cost of downtime is going somewhere around $5,600 per minute to—when it comes to Amazon —$2 million for every minute down. The way we manage systems and their workloads has changed. How its possible to continuouly running all these services with hell lots of requests, clicks, coninuous changes and improvment and uses 24X7 - 3615 Days. Behind the scenes, there are principles of "Site Reliability Engineering (Vmware)" that takes place.

    Reliability of websites, cloud applications and cloud infrastructure has turn into an important business needs. These days we hardly think about high-performance servers instead of that we are using cloud services from where we can pool commodity servers through virtualization. The focus has shifted from hardware to software-defined infrastructure and from inconsistent and error-prone manual processes to consistent, reliable, and repeatable automated tasks. A Site Reliability Engineer (Vmware) is some one who can take care and be accountable for the availability, performance, monitoring, and incident response, among other things, of the platforms and services that our businesses runs and owns.

    The Vmware methodolgy and priciples establishes a healthy and productive interaction between the development and Vmware teams using SLOs and error budgets to balance the speed of new features with whatever work is needed to make the software reliable. They care about every step and process from source code to deployment. Vmware therefore required quite special expertise and various tools in their arsenal to succeed, along with strong trust between teams.

  • The goal of our Vmware course is to make you a Certifed Vmware Engineer from a normal software engineer or operation engineer. Our currciculum will help you to learn all the skills you need to develop, the mindset shift that needs to take place, and the practical work experience you should pursue before directly getting into a Vmware role.
  • Our Vmware training will help you to walk through all the concepts, principles and approach to service management, and help you to gain an understanding of the basics to advanced topics of site reliability engineering. You'll get all the real-world examples and use cases of how companies are using Vmware approach to ensure that their services are exactly as reliable as they need to be. And what technical and professional skills an Vmware needs to embed themselves within development teams with culture and human aspects of makes up a good Vmware team that drives successful implementation.
  • Our Vmware curriculum and certification are acrredited from
  • The Vmware training will be delivered by accredited trainers who are highly experienced professionals with 15+ years of industry experience and have trained more than 5000 professionals.
  • There are no as such specific pre-requisites but IT experience/Operations experience/DevOps knowledge is recommended


What are the benefits of "VMware" Certification?

Certifications always play a crucial role in any profession. You may find some VMware professional's, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; This certification demonstrates an individual's ability to generate complex searches, reports, and dashboards with VMware's core software to get the most out of their data.

A VMware Core Certified User can search, use fields, use look-ups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the VMware Enterprise or VMware Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the VMware Software.


To maintain the quality of our live sessions, we allow limited number of participants. Therefore, unfortunately live session demo cannot be possible without enrollment confirmation. But if you want to get familiar with our training methodology and process or trainer's teaching style, you can request a pre recorded Training videos before attending a live class.

Yes, after the training completion, participant will get one real-time scenario based project where they can impletement all their learnings and acquire real-world industry setup, skills, and practical knowledge which will help them to become industry-ready.

All our trainers, instructors and faculty members are highly qualified professionals from the Industry and have at least 10-15 yrs of relevant experience in various domains like IT, Agile, SCM, B&R, DevOps Training, Consulting and mentoring. All of them has gone through our selection process which includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they onboard to led our sessions.

No. But we help you to get prepared for the interviews and resume preparation as well. As there is a big demand for DevOps professionals, we help our participants to get ready for it by working on a real life projects and providing notifications through our "JOB updates" page and "Forum updates" where we update JOB requirements which we receive through emails/calls from different-different companies who are looking to hire trained professionals.

The system requirements include Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 2GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage with Windows/CentOS/Redhat/Ubuntu/Fedora.

All the Demo/Hands-on are to be executed by our trainers on DevOpsSchool's AWS cloud. We will provide you the step-wise guide to set up the LAB which will be used for doing the hands-on exercises, assignments, etc. Participants can practice by setting up the instances in AWS FREE tier account or they can use Virtual Machines (VMs) for practicals.

  • Google Pay/Phone pe/Paytm
  • NEFT or IMPS from all leading Banks
  • Debit card/Credit card
  • Xoom and Paypal (For USD Payments)
  • Through our website payment gateway

Please email to

You will never lose any lecture at DevOpsSchool. There are two options available: You can view the class presentation, notes and class recordings that are available for online viewing 24x7 through our Learning management system (LMS). You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch or in the next batch within 3 months. Please note that, access to the learning materials (including class recordings, presentations, notes, step-bystep-guide etc.)will be available to our participants for lifetime.

Yes, Classroom training is available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi location. Apart from these cities classroom session can be possible if the number of participants are 6 plus in that specific city.

Location of the training depends on the cities. You can refer this page for locations:- Contact

We use GoToMeeting platform to conduct our virtual sessions.

DevOpsSchool provides "DevOps Certified Professional (DCP)" certificte accredited by which is industry recognized and does holds high value. Particiapant will be awarded with the certificate on the basis of projects, assignments and evaluation test which they will get within and after the training duration.

If you do not want to continue attend the session in that case we can not refund your money back. But, if you want to discontinue because of some genuine reason and wants to join back after some time then talk to our representative or drop an email for assistance.

Our fees are very competitive. Having said that if the participants are in a group then following discounts can be possible based on the discussion with representative
Two to Three students – 10% Flat discount
Four to Six Student – 15% Flat discount
Seven & More – 25% Flat Discount

If you are reaching to us that means you have a genuine need of this training, but if you feel that the training does not fit to your expectation level, You may share your feedback with trainer and try to resolve the concern. We have no refund policy once the training is confirmed.

You can know more about us on Web, Twitter, Facebook and linkedin and take your own decision. Also, you can email us to know more about us. We will call you back and help you more about the trusting DevOpsSchool for your online training.

If the transaction occurs through the website payment gateway, the participant will receive an invoice via email automatically. In rest options, participant can drop an email or contact to our representative for invoice



Abhinav Gupta, Pune


The training was very useful and interactive. Rajesh helped develop the confidence of all.


Indrayani, India


Rajesh is very good trainer. Rajesh was able to resolve our queries and question effectively. We really liked the hands-on examples covered during this training program.


Ravi Daur , Noida


Good training session about basic Devops concepts. Working session were also good, howeverproper query resolution was sometimes missed, maybe due to time constraint.


Sumit Kulkarni, Software Engineer


Very well organized training, helped a lot to understand the DevOps concept and detailed related to various tools.Very helpful


Vinayakumar, Project Manager, Bangalore


Thanks Rajesh, Training was good, Appreciate the knowledge you poses and displayed in the training.


Abhinav Gupta, Pune


The training with DevOpsSchool was a good experience. Rajesh was very helping and clear with concepts. The only suggestion is to improve the course content.

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