Agenda:- Master in Php 7

    Building a Foundation

  • PHP 7 Installation Considerations
  • Using PHP Server, Defining MYSQL, and Installing PHPUnit
  • Implementing Class Autlioading
  • Hoovering a Website
  • Building a Deep Web Scanner
  • Creating a PHP 5 to PHP 7 Code Converter

    Using PHP 7 High Performance Features

  • Understanding the Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Understanding Differences in Parsing
  • Understanding Differences in foreach() Handling
  • Improving Performance Using PHP 7 Enhancements
  • Iterating Through a Massive File
  • Uploading a Spreadsheet into a Database
  • Recursive Directory Iterator

    Working with PHP Functional Programming

  • Developing Functions
  • Hinting at Data Types
  • Using Return Value Data Typing
  • Using Iterators
  • Writing Your Own Iterator Using Generators

    Working with PHP Object-Oriented Programming

  • Developing Classes
  • Extending classes
  • Using Static Properties and Methods
  • Using Namespaces
  • Defining Visibility
  • Using Interfaces
  • Using Traits
  • Implementing Anonymous Classes

    Interacting with a Database

  • Using PDO to Connect to a Database
  • Building an OOP SQL Query Builder
  • Handling Pagination
  • Defining Entities to Match Database Tables
  • Tying Entity Classes to RDBMS Queries
  • Embedding Secondary Lookups into Query Results
  • Implementing jQuery DataTables PHP Lookups

    Building Scalable Websites

  • Creating a Generic Form Element Generator
  • Creating an HTML Radio Element Generator
  • Creating an HTML Select Element Generator
  • Implementing a Form Factory
  • Chaining $_POST Filters
  • Chaining $_POST Validators
  • Tying Validation to a Form

    Accessing Web Services

  • Converting between PHP and XML
  • Creating a Simple REST Client
  • Creating a Simple REST Server
  • Creating a Simple SOAP Client
  • Creating a Simple SOAP Server

    Looking at Advanced Algorithms

  • Using Getters and Setters
  • Implementing a Linked List
  • Building a Bubble Sort
  • Implementing a Stack
  • Building a Binary Search Class
  • Implementing a Search Engine
  • Displaying a Multi-dimensional Array and Accumulating Tolis

    Implementing Software Design Patterns

  • Creating an Array to Object Hydrator
  • Building an Object to Array Hydrator
  • Implementing a Strategy Pattern
  • Defining a Mapper
  • Implementing Object-Relational Mapping
  • Implementing the Pub/Sub Design Pattern

    Improving Web Security

  • Filtering $_POST Data
  • Validating $_POST Data
  • Safeguarding the PHP Session
  • Securing Forms with a Token
  • Building a Secure Password Generator
  • Safeguarding Forms with a CAPTCHA
  • Encrypting/Decrypting without mcrypt

    Best Practices, Testing, and Debugging

  • Using Traits and Interfaces
  • Universal Exception Handler
  • Universal Error Handler
  • Customizing Sessions Using the session_start Parameters
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