Unofficial ‘CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)’ Exam Curriculum

Scheduling 5% Use label selectors to schedule Pods. Understand the role of DaemonSets. Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling. Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them. Manually schedule a pod without a scheduler. Display scheduler events. Know how to configure the Kubernetes scheduler. Logging/Monitoring 5% Understand… Read More »

Ansible Role Project 1

Step 1 – Create a role which has following specification. Install a webserver httpd # use role/vars/ Add cond…httpd should be done only if RHEL. Copy a index.j2 into /var/www/html # Use Template Copy a httpd.j2 into /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and change the port from 80 to 8080 # Use Template Write a handler for httpd.conf changes… Read More »

Ansible Tower Administration Guide

Ansible Tower Support – If you have paid membership, you can contact the support team at How to understand Ansible Tower Subscription Types Self-Support Enterprise: Standard Enterprise: Premium Trial licenses for Ansible Tower are available at To acquire a license & Pricing for additional Managed Nodes, visit: How to Stopping/Starting/Restarting Ansible… Read More »