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Could you please tell me how to add and remove files from already created labels?

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P4Web Release 2010.1 User Guide
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Adding and Replacing Files in a Label

There are essentially two steps to creating a label:

Create the label spec, which defines the name of the label and label view.
Tag the files with that label using Add/Replace files…
Add/Replace files… tags a set of files with a label. Once you have tagged them, you can refer to a set of files by their label name.
For more information about labels, see Working with Labels.

Add/Replace restrictions

Bear in mind that you cannot use Add/Replace files to update a label if:
The label’s Owner: field is not your userid. You can only update labels you own.
The label has its Options: field set to locked
For more information about a label’s fields, see Creating and Editing Labels.
To Add/Replace files in a label

Select the Labels tab.
Click on the name of the label to which you want to add or replace files.
Select Add/Replace labels… from the pulldown list.
On the Add/Replace Files page
Under Revision: select one of the following radio buttons:
Workspace Revision: tags the file revisions currently synced in your workspace with the label.
Head Revision: tags the file revisions that are currently the latest versions in the depot with the label.
Label, Changelist or Date: enter a label name, a changelist number, or a date to tag files at revisions matching that criteria.
Under Options: select one of the following radio buttons:
Replace label contents completely: specified files are added or replaced. Files previously in the label that do not match your specification are removed from the label.
Add files to label: adds or replaces only the files that you specify. Labeled files that do not match your specifications are unaffected.
Remove files from label: removes the named files from the label.
Under Files: you can specify or restrict the files to add or replace. Select one of the following options:
All files in label view: includes all files in this label’s label view.
Files in [path]: this option is only available when your current path is not the root of the depot tree. Select and subdirectories or at this level only, depending on which files you want to include.
Files in this list: includes only the files listed in the textbox. You must provide a full pathname for these files, and you can use wildcards. Note that the files you specify must be in the label’s view, or P4Web displays a “No such file” error. You can also specify revisions if you have selected the Workspace Revision option.
When you have finished defining the parameters, click the Preview Add/Replace button to see the results before actually updating the label. If the command has the expected results, click your browser’s “Back” button and click the Add/Replace button to proceed.
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