Advice on our Hudson setup / How to Poll Dependencies

scmuser created the topic: Advice on our Hudson setup / How to poll dependenc
Advice on our Hudson setup / How to poll dependencies

Hi, I’m looking for some advice on whether our Hudson setup is
sensible, and I’m also wondering how to poll instead of build
“dependency-triggered” jobs.

We have a project that is broken up into 3 components. As is typical
with git, each component is a standalone piece that lives in its own
git repository.

The Hudson Git Plugin takes multiple repository URLs but blends them
together, so we couldn’t just keep everything in a single job (nor do
I think we really want that), and instead we created one job per

Dependency-wise, one project (C) depends on the other two (A, B).
Brief Googling led us to the Join Plugin. So now we have a 4th “base”
job (D) that is empty and simple triggers A, B to build, then has a
Join Trigger for C. D builds every hour.

Now to the question: our setup produces a lot of unnecessary builds.
Is there a way to add polling into the chain, such that if an upstream
poll detects no changes, downstream polls still take place? It seems
that currently there are two problems standing in the way of this:

(1) Downstream jobs can only be built, not polled.

(2) Only post-build triggers exist, so an upstream project (like A or
B) must actually go through a build for C to build, whereas what we’d
want here is a post-poll trigger.

Thanks in advance for any tips

Rajesh Kumar
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