Ansible Tower Administration Guide

Ansible Tower Support – If you have paid membership, you can contact the support team at

How to understand Ansible Tower Subscription Types

  1. Self-Support
  2. Enterprise: Standard
  3. Enterprise: Premium

Trial licenses for Ansible Tower are available at

To acquire a license & Pricing for additional Managed Nodes, visit:

How to Stopping/Starting/Restarting Ansible Tower?
$ /usr/bin/ansible-tower-service stop
$ /usr/bin/ansible-tower-service start
$ /usr/bin/ansible-tower-service restart

How to Import Inventory File in Ansible Tower?
$ ansible-inventory [options] [host|group]
$ ansible-inventory -i
$ tower-manage inventory_import –source=./inventory.yaml –inventory-name=”DevOps School”

How to Troubleshooting Ansible Tower?

Tower server errors are logged in /var/log/tower
Supervisors logs can be found in /var/log/supervisor/
Nginx web server errors are logged in the httpd error log

How to work with Ansible Tower Command line?
tower-cli is a command line tool for Ansible Tower. It allows Tower commands to be easily run from the UNIX command line.
$ pip install ansible-tower-cli # To install is through pip
$ tower-cli config # set configuration is with the tower-cli config command
$ tower-cli

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