AWS Interview Questions and Answer Part – 22

What is a “visibilty timeout” in SQS?

  • How long to delay the message before anyone can poll it
  • none of the above
  • An amount of time that the message is invisible to everyone but the publisher of the message
  • The time that there is a “lock” on the message from the consumer who pulled it (Ans)

Messages that are retrieved from the queue are immediately deleted so that no other poller can retrieve it.

  • true
  • false (Ans)

Which of the options below represent a strategy for handling database failure?

  • configuring multi-AZ replication
  • promoting a read replica to a primary instance
  • All of the above (Ans)
  • creating multiple read-replicas for the web application to access

The ELB can load balance servers residing in different regions

  • true
  • false (Ans)

Route 53 can send traffic to a degraded website hosted on S3 if health checks fail.

  • true (Ans)
  • false

Which type of storage is exposed to a virtual machine via a low level bus interface?

  • object storage
  • block storage (Ans)
  • file storage

Which of the following best describes the delivery guarantee of Amazon SQS?

  • At-least-once delivery (Ans)
  • Only-once delivery
  • Repeated delivery
  • Eventual delivery

You must write a script file to get Auto Scaled servers to join the ELB pool.

  • false (Ans)
  • true

How can you create fault tolerance for EBS-driven solutions?

  • Be prepared to detach and reattach EBS volumes from failed EC2 instances
  • Create and store EBS snapshots in S3
  • All of the above (Ans)
  • Use RAID10 to stripe and mirror across volumes

Which of the below is NOT a way to share content between EC2 virtual machines?

  • Durable EBS volumes (Ans)
  • S3 buckets
  • EC2 VM acting as a network file share
  • SQS queues

Route 53 can send traffic across AWS regions.

  • true (Ans)
  • false

When does an EC2 image need to be EBS-backed vs. instance-backed?

  • When using a cross-availability-zone virtual machine
  • When its root drive is greater than 10GB (Ans)
  • When its root drive is smaller than 10GB

EC2 Security Groups serve what purpose?

  • none of the above
  • Define the roles and users who have access to a virtual machine
  • Contains key pair used for decrypting the server password
  • Act as a network firewall that defines valid ports and IPs (Ans)

Once you create an EC2 virtual machine, you cannot change its instance size.

  • false (Ans)
  • true

An Auto Scaling group includes all the servers already associated with the ELB instance.

  • true
  • false (Ans)

Why would you want to implement a retry strategy when using Continuous Compliance to fix issues?

  • To guard against transient errors (Ans)
  • To ensure the fix is applied even if someone makes the resource non-compliant again later
  • To ensure that the fix is applied through all of AWS’ eventually consistent infrastructure

What is the name of the field you can use to transmit extra data fields from AWS Config Rule evaluations to your Continuous Compliance process?

  • metadata
  • reason
  • annotation (Ans)
  • description

What is a reason you might look at the Relationships portion of the Config Timeline view?

  • To find out who was responsible for making a change
  • To understand what change was made during a given timeframe
  • To determine what other resources a change may have affected (Ans)

What are the three main inventory/compliance problems that you seek to solve with AWS Config?

  • How do you become compliant, what compliance rules should you use, what tool should you use
  • How do you fix the problem, what compliance rules are you using, when/how did you lose compliance
  • Are you compliant, how do you fix the problem, who caused you to lose compliance
  • Are you compliant, how do you fix the problem, when/how did you lose compliance (Ans)

If you were a part of a small organization that ran most of their infrastructure on-premise and that needed to maximize the use of their Ops team’s time and minimize costs, what type of inventory/compliance management tool would you use?

  • DevOps-focused (Ans)
  • Enterprise-focused
  • Fully-integrated

Why might you want to check the box to include deleted resources when searching in the Resource View?

  • To troubleshoot problems on EC2 instances terminated by autoscaling policy (Ans)
  • To make sure AWS Config picked up resources you deleted before enabling it
  • To test that AWS Config is properly recording deletion changes

What are the valid values for compliance type when calling “put evaluations” on the AWS Config API?


What AWS service(s) allow for evaluation of AWS Config Rules?

  • Lambda
  • Lambda, EC2
  • AWS Config, Lambda (Ans)
  • Lambda, SNS, AWS Config
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