AWS Interview Questions and Answer Part – 23

In what order should you utilize the different rule sources when looking to implement an AWS Config Rule?

  • Built-in, custom, third-party
  • Custom, built-in, third-party
  • Built-in, third-party, custom (Ans)
  • Third-party, built-in, custom

What’s an example of a rule that would be appropriate for Continuous Compliance?

  • Are EC2 instances tagged with an environment?
  • Are EC2 instances launched in the correct subnet?
  • Are EC2 instances in a specific VPC tagged with the same cost center as the VPC? (Ans)
  • Are EC2 instances launched with appropriate tenancy?

When might a rule with high-impact corrections be a good choice for Continuous Compliance?

  • If the corrections are extremely difficult to perform manually (Ans)
  • In all cases
  • If the corrections only cause high impact in some isolated cases

Enabling SNS notifications for AWS Config is optional. Why would you want to enable it?

  • To reduce cost by destroying non-compliant resources
  • To enforce compliance rules on your infrastructure
  • To allow other systems to react to your infrastructure changes (Ans)

Why does the invokingEvent JSON for periodic rules contain so little information?

  • Your lambda is expected to query for its resources each time it is triggered. (Ans)
  • So little has changed between executions of your lambda that there is very little in the JSON.
  • The information that AWS Config sends in this JSON can be used to look up the information your lambda needs.
  • Periodic AWS Config Rules are not fully implemented in AWS Config yet.

Name three common sources of compliance rules that you could implement in AWS Config.

  • External standards, organizational standards, personal standards (Ans)
  • Organizational standards, AWS standards, national standards
  • Personal standards, AWS standards, external standards

Name the main advantage of Continuous Compliance over Manual Compliance.

  • Automatic notifications of compliance problems.
  • No effort is required from an engineer to resolve the issue. (Ans)
  • Additional information about why the resource is non-compliant.

What might be a good use case for which to implement a periodic rule?

  • Ensure MFA is enabled on the root account. (Ans)
  • Ensure that all IAM users have a username in the format ..
  • Ensure all EC2 instances are part of a specific VPC.

When might you choose to have compliance notifications routed into SQS?

  • If you want to store your messages for long periods of time
  • If you want additional reliability or scalability of messages (Ans)
  • If you’re looking for the simplest solution for Continuous Compliance

Which of the following is the largest enabler of the Big Data phenomenon?

  • Relational databases
  • Significant reduction in storage costs (Ans)
  • Commercial software
  • Specialized hardware appliances

The CAP Theorem speaks to which attributes of database systems?

  • Consistency, Availability and Partition Tolerance (Ans)
  • Conjunction, ACIDity and Parallelism
  • Construction, Availability and Pan-thread-safety
  • Consistency, Angularity and Push-pull

The Amazon Web Services platform supports all of the following database platforms: relational, NoSQL, data warehouse and Microsoft Access.

  • True
  • False (Ans)

Which of the following products is not relevant to working with the AWS Big Data stack?

  • SQL Workbench/J
  • Anti-Virus client (Ans)
  • PuTTY (SSH client)
  • S3 Browser

Pipelines can be built based on templates, or from scratch.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

Apache Hive provides an abstraction layer over DynamoDB.

  • True
  • False (Ans)

Amazon S3 integrates with Elastic MapReduce, DynamoDB and Redshift.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

Which of the following terms does Jaspersoft use to refer to its semantic data model?

  • Model
  • Universe
  • Data Source View
  • Domain (Ans)

Which of the following technologies is not supported by Redshift?

  • Column-oriented data storage
  • NoSQL storage and query operation (Ans)
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) query processing
  • SQL query compatibility

Amazon Kinesis is streaming data platform based on Apache Kafka and Storm.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

Big Data tools can be used on-premises or in the cloud.

  • False
  • True (Ans)
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