AWS Tutorials: How to Create a Bucket and Access a Object?

Prereq#1- Verify that the security group associated with your EFS file system and worker nodes allows NFS traffic

Your EFS file system’s security group must have an inbound rule that allows NFS traffic from the CIDR for your cluster’s VPC. Allow port 2049 for inbound traffic.

The security group that’s associated with your worker nodes where the pods are failing to mount the EFS volume must have an outbound rule. Specifically, this outbound rule must allow NFS traffic (port 2049) to the EFS file system.

If the security group doesn’t allow NFS traffic, then the pods that are mounting the file system return the following errors:

“mount.nfs: Connection timed out”
“Unable to attach or mount volumes: timed out waiting for the condition”

Step 1 – Create a Bucket

Step 2 – Create a dir and Upload a file

Step 3 – Change Bucket Permission to allow public access

Step 4 – Change Bucket Object Ownership

Step 5 – Modify Object Permission

Step 6 – Access the object URL

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