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I have done the successful migration form CVS to SVN,now i need to migrate few projects from Clearcase to SVN. Could anyone please give some ideas on this?


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There were a couple of relevant talks at SubConf:

MM4: Lutz Dornbusch, Polarion: Zero Downtime Migration to Subversion…onf_2008/Vortraege/L

MM5: Robert Cowham and Neal Firth, Vizim: Migrating ClearCase to Subversion…onf_2008/Vortraege/R

Both were well received from what I saw, but I think our approach covers
more options – but then I would say that 🙂
Rajesh Kumar
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Hi Vjay,

Been looking to do something similar myself (migrate from clearcase to subversion that is), and I’ve evaluated a number of tools out there, but all of them appear to have their gaps. The best one I’ve seen so far is but before purchasing it, I thought I’d check to see which one you used (seeing as this is a fairly old topic now) incase there are any I havn’t seen yet. That one seems pretty complete from what I can tell, but what with it being all our company data I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything

Rajesh Kumar
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