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What is Golang

A compiled, open-source, statically typed programming language created by Google, Golang is also referred to as Go. It is designed to be straightforward, powerful, readable, and effective.

The three purposes of Golang –

  • High productivity and straightforward use
  • Excellent code efficiency
  • The ultimate measurement of corporate performance

What is the Golang used for

Go was initially developed for networking and infrastructure-related applications. Popular high-performance server-side languages like Java and C++ were meant to be replaced by it. Go is utilized in many different applications today, including:

Go is a popular language for server-side or cloud-based applications.

  • Other common uses of Go include DevOps and site reliability automation.
  • Go is used to create a lot of command-line utilities.
  • Go is employed in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence.
  • Go is used by some in-game development, robotics, and microcontroller programming.

But when it comes to infrastructure, Go excels. Today’s most well-known infrastructure tools, like Kubernetes, Docker, and Prometheus, are written in the Go programming language.

Benefits of Golang

Speedier execution

It doesn’t need an interpreter and can be immediately compiled into machine code. As there are no intermediary steps required, development proceeds more quickly as a result. When it comes to execution speed, Golang consistently surpasses Java. Golang-based programs run incredibly quickly, and compilation happens quickly. To address the demands of quicker back-end development, developers prefer to use Golang.

Community of active developers

More developers favor Golang over other languages since it is a straightforward but highly quick language. Over 1 million developers are skilled in using Golang at the moment. Future projections indicate that this number will rise even further. A thriving developer community makes sure that there is always assistance available for any problems encountered during the development process.

A tool that is comprehensive

Modern programming languages frequently lack development-supporting tools. With Golang, this is not the case. Go comes with a set of comprehensive tools that make coding simple for developers, even though it does not have the extensive third-party tools that Java does. Go provides IDEs, which are frequently used for programming and include Visual Studio Code, etc.


When choosing a programming language for a project, scalability is frequently a crucial consideration. Nobody wants to be in a bind later on when it’s time to add additional features to the app. Scalability options are wider with Golang. It provides the opportunity for many functionalities to execute simultaneously. You can utilize Golang for a longer amount of time in the future if you choose to.

Easy to understand

It won’t take you months to learn how to program in this language. If you’re just starting, you can quickly master the syntax. Golang’s code organization is comparable to C’s. Golang’s simple syntax and variables don’t overwhelm beginners. It is simpler to work with programmers who have some background in other languages. Additionally, if you understand the fundamentals of Golang, problems become much simpler to resolve.

List of Golang certifications

  • Master in Golang with Gin

Certification path

There is no official certification of Golang but still, you can learn and get trained from DevOpsSchool. DevOpsSchool is one of the best institutes in India that provide instructor-led online training. They have expert IT trainers who have 16+ years of experience. They are IT industry-recognized, and their course contents have also made as per IT expectations to make skill-ready professionals.

Certifiaction cost

  • Master in Golang with Gin – Rs 19,999/-

Certification pre-requsities

  • Basic familiarity with programming terminology.
  • If you are competent in C, it will be much simpler for you to grasp the fundamentals of Go programming and advance quickly in your learning.
  • A fundamental grasp of using any terminal on Linux, Mac, and Windows, as well as PowerShell or cmd.

Golang certified professional salary

Golang certified professional salary is around 8 lakhs in 2022.

Golang video tutorial

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