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Python with Django

What is Python Programming with Django?

Python is a programming language and Django is a web framework built using Python as well as it is designed to simplify the creation of websites. It also provides a set of common functionality to decrease the amount of trivial code that you might need to write.

It also enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.

Some features are –

  • Ridiculously fast – Django was designed to help developers to take applications from concept to completion as soon as possible.
  • Reassuringly secure – Django takes security very seriously and always helps developers ignore many common security mistakes.
  • Exceedingly scalable – Some of the most busiest websites leverages Django’s ability to quickly and flexibly scale.

What is the use of Python Programming with Django?

Here are the 6 uses of Python Programming with Django

  • Django’s admin interface – Django’s admin interface is a great solution as well as Without any extra configuration you can get a powerful, fully-customizable, login-protected admin area that displays all of your application’s data.
  • Django has Built-in Auth – Django comes with built-in authentication via sessions. What if you want to use tokens? Just install the Django REST Framework (DRF) library which comes with token auth.
  • ORM – ORM stands for object – relational mapper. This allows you to interact with a database, any database, through very understandable Python syntax, without needing to go into depth with a specific database language. You can just write Python and interact with the database
  • Speed of development – Python is a language that is commonly used for quickly prototyping and building applications. Django gives you the speed and power of Python with many additional built-in features to help build web application and APIs much more quickly.
  • Django Plugins – Want to build a CMS? Django has a plugin for that. Actually quite a few of them. If you search Github and, you will find a plethora of solutions for almost any use case, like.

1) Django Rest Framework
2) Django Graphene
3) Wagtail
4) Django Crispy Forms

  • Django web development Framework is Simple – Django framework is simple to use. Moreover, Django fulfils the main purposes by covering the basics and simplifying the development process so that you can focus on the more complex and unique features of your project.

Compare Python Programming with Django Certification Vs Java Certification

Python with DjangoJava
Django is free to useJava is free to use
Django is a high-level Python Web frameworkJava is a general-purpose computer programming language
Django is leading in Top 100K SitesTop 1M Sites and The Entire Web, Java is leading in Top 10K Sites
Django is leading in most countries, including United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany and 118 other countriesJava is leading in China, South Korea, Brazil, Italy and 28 other countries.

List of Python Programming with Django Certification

  • Python Django programming Certification

Python Programming with Django Certification Path

There is no official certification for Python Django but you can get trained and certified by DevOpsSchool for being Python Django certified professional.

Python Programming with Django Certification Cost

  • Rs 25,000

Best salary for Python Programming with Django Certified Professional

The average salary in India is ₹427,293.

Best Python Programming with Django Certification Tutorials

Best Python Programming with Django Certification Video Tutorials

Best Python Programming with Django certification Ebooks

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