Chef Lab and Excercise – Cookbooks – Part 7

Configuration management chef tools projects to test your skills?

Project 1 – Write a cookbook which can add your bash script in crontab on your nodes.

Project 2 – Perforce the following workflow of chef configuration management tools?

— create a new cookbook and add a recipe to it
— upload your cookbook to the Chef server
— configure your node’s run list
— run chef-client to trigger the configuration process on your target node

Project 3 – Write a cookbook with external cookbook_files in Chef?

Project 4 – Write a cookbook which can Set Chef Cookbook Dependencies in metadata file and use it?

Project 5 – Write a cookbook add jenkins slave nodes in jenkins master server using Chef cookbook?

Project 6 – Write a cookbook to configure nginx with chef solo on vagrant?

Project 7 – Write a cookbook to Setting up a MySQL database with a user with Vagrant and chef-solo?

Project 8 – Write a cookbook to track changes made to systems via knife in chef?

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