DataTables images issues like sort_asc.png & sort_both.png not found

Issues view in Chrome Console

Hi Friends, I am facing these issues for the last 1 month so I decided to solve this issue then I tried and I succeed. this is just a simple solution. if you are using the 1.10.20 version of jquery.dataTables.min.js then you will also face this issue. you have to open the chrome console or Mozilla console.


“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –” sort_asc.png
“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –” sort_both.png

Simply download both images from the below location and put under this location (resources\assets\jquery-plugins\datatables\1.10.20\images)

Note : Location may vary because i am using this DataTables files in Laravel project.

Resources :

  1. Click Here
  2. Click Here

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