Top 10 DevOps Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2023

DevOps is about mechanization which is a cutting-edge programming improvement approach in which Software Developers and IT Operations group cooperating in a shared way to construct, test, convey and discharge applications and programming quickly and dependable.

We are providing Best 10 DevOps Blogs and Websites which are regularly posted DevOps News and Latest Tutorials. All DevOps Geeks and Learners can follow these websites for more knowledge and fastly grow his innovation.We assume that these days all IT’s industry is using DevOps Tools to solve his problems and easy to do his works. So if we haven’t use any DevOps Tools Then we are unknown about DevOps Culture. So we cannot survive in this era. So, in my opinion, you should read and explore these blogs and website. I spent a lot of time to research these websites which are great resources  for best tutorials, news, latest tech and other useful latest happenings and updates about DevOps and IT’s latest trends which help us to achieve our goals in a very effective way.

These Blogs are included in the list based upon their performance and Google search rankings and based upon below mentioned scenarios.

  • They Regularly post DevOps News on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • You can find best quality of content and they regularly post about DevOps latest news and happenings.
  • You can find top DevOps engineer and their expert reviews and knowledge sharing posts in the following sites.

So, without wasting any time let’s see “Top 10 DevOps blogs and websites to follow in 2018”


About Website regularly post DevOps News and Happening from Latest DevOps Blogs. We provide you the latest breaking news from the Global IT industry. if you don’t want to spend a valuable time to search the latest DevOps News on Google or other Blogs, Then you can surf a few minutes on this website to know about all trending and latest news, Tools, and other updates on DevOps.

Frequency about 12 posts per week.


About Website DevOps School is extraordinary compared to other places for DevOps learning assets. This is a network of DevOps specialists who have confidence in sharing. Their entry is loaded with quality DevOps learning materials which incorporate Videos, introductions, Quizzes, Assignments, Projects and numerous more things which can be accessed with no charges. So we can state DevOps School gives totally free DevOps instructional exercises.

Since Jan 2016


About Website Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of that gives on-request distributed computing stages to people, organizations, and governments, on a paid membership premise. The innovation enables endorsers of have available to them a virtual bunch of PCs, accessible constantly, through the Internet.

Since Oct 2013

4. AWS DevOps Blog

About Blog Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a safe cloud administrations stage, offering register control, database stockpiling, content conveyance and other usefulness to enable organizations to scale and develop. Follow this blog to increase your knowledge of DevOps.

Frequency about 3 posts per month.

5. scmGalaxy | DevOps Tutorials

About Blog scmGalaxy is one of the leading DevOps community not only in India but we can say globally. It provides tutorials on various topic in his tutorial section. Every month, they published about 15 posts in a month of a various tool of DevOps. DevOps Learners and Geeks also comment on his problems on that topic in comment-box of every post. This portal gives you the DevOps support at efficient prices. You can ask questions and give suggestion in his social links where about 5000 to 6000 DevOps Expert always answer your questions.

Frequency about 15 posts per month


About Blog is involved idea pioneers who comprehend both DevOps and how to make convincing, useful substance. The group behind has true involvement in innovation, cloud, online media, DevOps, IT and new companies. This website is the biggest accumulation of unique substance identified with DevOps on the web and one of the best outcomes for DevOps-related pursuit terms.

Frequency about 34 posts per week.
Since Jan 2014

7. Atlassian Blog | DevOps

About Blog Atlassian assembles programming that enables groups of all sizes to manufacture better items and administrations. Their suite of item administration and item advancement programming deals with each part of an item’s lifecycle, from idea to dispatch. Take after this blog to get tips, thought for DevOps practices.

Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since July 2015


About Website The DZone is the DevOps entryway for a site that covers an extensive variety of themes. It is by a long shot the most went to DevOps asset, and in addition the most as often as possible refreshed. They at present take after a discharge timetable of maybe a couple articles multi-day (inclining vigorously towards just a single). As indicated by their detailed measurements, just about 40,000 individuals have loved the site on Facebook, and 56,500 tail it on Twitter.

Frequency about 20 posts per week.
Since Jan 2005

9. Puppet Blog | DevOps

About Blog Puppet Blog on DevOps contains great articles and blog post from various experts. This website contains about 1000 posts of DevOps Experts. You should follow this blog regularly to know about the latest changes in DevOps.

Frequency about 5 posts per month.


About Blog Medium is an online publishing platform. Where DevOps Experts posts about latest tech, news, and new upcoming tools in DevOps Culture. In this blog, you can find post easily with tags like Docker, Agile, AWS etc.

Frequency about 7 posts per month.

10. AIOps

AiOps is the application of artificial intelligence to IT operations. It’s essential for monitoring and managing modern IT environments. Aiops training covers concepts from the Basic level to the advanced level. Whether you are an individual or corporate client we can customize training
TheAIOps can help you in following services…

  • AIOps Training Courses
  • AIOps Certifications
  • AIOps Consulting
  • AIOps Support
  • AIOps Freelancing

11. TheDataOps

The Leader In DataOps Software: When ‘Failure Is Not An Option.’ TheDataOps is a premier consulting firm helping more than 100 organizations around the globe for implement DataOps practices. TheDataOps can help your organization in the following services.

  • DataOps Training & Certifications
  • DataOps Consulting
  • DataOps Freelancing
  • DataOps Course design and offering
  • DataOps Outsourcing.

12. aiUniverse

aiUniverse is a website dedicated websites for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep Learning, AiOps, MLOps, DataOps etc. On this website you would have lots of learning resources, tutorials, videos, research articles, course, Training and certifications details for AI, ML, DL etc.


Debug.School is a community initiative where anyone can get help and Support for DevOps, Cloud, Containers and other industry related technologies.

14. DevSecOps Now

DevSecOps Now is an initiative for learning, implementing and sharing in the area of DevSecOps.

DevSecOps (short for development, security, and operations) is a development practice that integrates security initiatives at every stage of the software development lifecycle to deliver robust and secure applications. is an informational site for security and business practitioners looking for innovative ways to incorporate security at scale.

DevSecOpsNow has a suite of DevSecOps-ready tools and services to enable secure. DevSecOpsNow Services and Solutions offering for enterprises to build secure automated processes and ensure continuous security across applications.

Note: If you want to include any other website in this blog then suggest me into the comment box. Thanks.

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1 year ago

very nice

Abhishek singh
Abhishek singh
1 year ago

All websites share lot of knowledge for software engineer

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar
1 year ago

Thank you very much to share this content with us.

Roshan Jha
Roshan Jha
1 year ago

Thank you……Kindly also suggest some resources from where we can learn. What should be the target time period to learn all these.

Dharmendra kumar
Dharmendra kumar
1 year ago

Nice blog, very help full blog

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
1 year ago

Thank you so much for all your efforts in making these tutorials, I learnt a lot in such an easy way of explanation.

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh
1 year ago

DevOps Offers a Definite Career Path that Promises Steady Growth. As a DevOps engineer, you need to possess extensive knowledge of the software development life cycle (SDLC). You also must be an expert in implementing various DevOps automation tools and processes to resolve complex operations problems.

1 year ago

very good details of all sites is helpful for solving and getting bugs.

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