DevOps Engg Full-Time Position In SFO

DevOps Engineer (California Fulltime)
To support our key business initiatives, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer to build innovative and highly scalable solutions to help build best in class CI/CD pipeline by making use of cutting edge technologies and tools. Also, build a world-class infrastructure that could span across cloud, bare metal and/or a hybrid environment to support our DevOps ambitions. We believe in building incrementally, thoughtfully managing what we have, automating “all the things,” continuously integrating and delivering, prioritizing the many exciting projects on the roadmap, and, above all working together.


• Support and improve our tools for continuous build, automated testing and release management
• Streamline, standardize and automate build and release processes
• Provide automation and provisioning through use of configuration management tools
• Continuously look to improve the efficiency of our build/release/deploy process (via automation, new tools), driving towards the implementation of Continuous Delivery
• Communicate and collaborate among cross-functional teams in a multinational environment
• Manage our infrastructure on AWS and our own Datacenters
• Ability to work in an agile way with complex systems and regulated environment


• 5+ years’ experience as a build/release engineer or similar role with hands on experience working with enterprise products
• A fast learner, self-starter with DevOps mindset and proponent of software development best practices
• Proficient in various programming and scripting languages, especially Python, Ruby, and shell scripting
• Experience with latest tools in the Continuous Integration Space, e.g. Jenkins, FinalBuilder, MSBuild, ANT, Maven
• Experience with version control tools like SVN, TFS, Git and managing branching strategy
• Knowledge of version control, build, packaging, and release workflows
• Experience of dealing with build failures, debugging and fixing the issues
• Experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting, VMware virtualization, VMware ESX, Linux, and Windows experience
• Experience in any of the configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible is a big plus
• Experience working in a regulated environment, and familiarity with security analysis tools such as Fortify is a plus

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