DevOps Skill Set: What You Need to Learn to Reach the Top Performance

Ready to level up in your tech career? Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced pro, broadening your DevOps engineer skills list can open a world of opportunities. DevOps – a blend of ‘development’ and ‘operations’- is a hot ticket in the tech realm, with organizations across all industries seeking these specialists. But it’s only possible for people with a vast DevOps skill set.

A comprehensive list of DevOps engineer skills includes technical aptitude and soft skills like communication and collaboration. Are you curious about what it takes to excel as a DevOps professional? Stick around; this blog post will guide you on your journey!

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a way to make software. It brings together two teams: development and operations. It helps create, test, and use software faster and better. The main goal of DevOps is the fast delivery of features.

To work in DevOps, you need specific skills. These are the DevOps engineer required skills. One needs to know programming for sure. 

Coding skills help in automating manual tasks. But the technical stuff is only part of it. Good communication is one of the top DevOps engineer skills required, too! Everyone on a team should feel heard and essential for great work results.

Are DevOps skills in demand?

Yes, DevOps skills are in great need. Today’s tech world values experts who know automation, coding, and scripting. Many job ads for DevOps roles list them as must-haves if candidates can tick the DevOps engineer skills needed, of course.

With such a high demand for these skills, learning them could bring you many chances in your career path. Considering the average salary of DevOps experts is $130,000, and the starting one is $110K, we have to keep it in mind.

What is the top skills list for DevOps engineer professionals?

Okay, we got it. Skills matter the most. But let’s see the main ones so you can make an informed career-deciding choice. 

Cloud computing

Cloud is a top skill for DevOps engineers. It helps them handle complex tasks with ease. AWS DevOps engineers use cloud skills often. They also need to know about containerization and managing large systems.

Learning about cloud computing is key for DevOps work. It lets you store and get data on the web, not just on your computer. You can pull up information anywhere and anytime! It makes workflow smooth and easy.

There’s no other way round – really!


Automation is a crucial skill for DevOps engineers. It involves using tools, coding, and scripting to automate various tasks in the software development process. 

Automation is not just a word. If you can automate many processes, you can save your company loads of money. And a good chunk of the savings can “enter” your own pockets.


CI/CD, which stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, is one of the top skills DevOps engineer professionals must master. It involves automating and integrating code changes from multiple developers into a shared repository and continuously delivering software applications to production environments.

In CI/CD, automation guarantees that the entire software development lifecycle runs smoothly. DevOps engineers with CI/CD skills can set up automated build processes, run tests automatically, and deploy applications seamlessly.

They should understand how to use tools like Jenkins or GitLab for version control and can create pipelines that enable continuous integration and delivery.

Soft skills

Soft skills are a must-have. No matter how good you are, if you can’t communicate with others, well – you will most likely fail.  

These skills include motivation, adaptability, collaboration, communication, listening, flexibility, and interpersonal skills.

DevOps engineers must be self-motivated and flexible because they often work in fast-paced environments with changing requirements. Communication and collaboration skills are essential for working effectively with different teams and stakeholders.

Having soft skills can also help advance a career in DevOps. Professionals who excel at communication and listening can build stronger relationships with their team members and higher-ups.

Final words

The DevOps engineer skills list is not just an empty sheet. The more boxes you tick, the better you might be. And remember – it’s not just a career. With AI and automation adoption, it’s a matter of time before this position gains traction.

Ashwani K
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