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Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 12

Which of the following flags tells the Swarm Manager process that it will be part of a highly available multi-manager configuration?

  • –replicate
  • –replication (Ans)
  • –multi-manager
  • –multi-master

Which three scheduling strategies does Swarm currently support?

  • Random, fastest response, spread
  • Random, round-robin, binpack
  • Random, spread, binpack (Ans)
  • Random, spread, stack

What are the two major services required for a Swarm cluster to operate correctly?

  • Directory service and Swarm manager
  • Discovery service and Swarm manager (Ans)
  • Discovery service and Directory service
  • Docker Hub and Discovery service

What is the recommended way for clients to communicate with Swarm nodes in the Docker Swarm cluster?

  • Directly to the engine daemon on each node
  • Via the Swarm manager (Ans)
  • Via Docker Hub
  • Via Docker Trusted Registry

Why does the binpack scheduling strategy choose the smallest node in the cluster when choosing new nodes to schedule containers on?

  • Larger nodes take longer to query
  • To keep operational costs as low as possible
  • To save larger nodes for larger containers (Ans)

You have a node in your Swarm cluster that does not have any running containers but is being overlooked when new containers are scheduled against the cluster.
Which of the following could be a reason for this?

  • The node has too many images in its local store.
  • The node has a lot of containers in the stopped state. (Ans)
  • The node has a lot of containers in the destroyed state.
  • The node has rebooted within the last two hours.

Who is the founder and current CTO of Docker Inc.?

  • Ben Golub
  • Linux Torvalds
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Solomon Hykes (Ans)

Which open source license is the Docker project licensed?

  • CDDL
  • Apache License 2.0 (Ans)
  • GPL v3.0
  • MIT

Which of the following describes the relationship between repositories and registries?

  • Repositories contain one or more registries.
  • Registries contain one or more repositories. (Ans)
  • Repositories are always public, while registries are always private.
  • Registries are always public, while repositories are always private.

Which of the following is driving stateful workloads towards becoming first-class citizens on the Docker ecosystem?

  • Docker Content Trust
  • Data volumes
  • The pluggable storage backend (Ans)
  • The key/value store used in multi-host networking

Which of the following problems did hypervisor virtualization solve for businesses and IT?

  • Data Center security
  • Operating System management overhead
  • Wasted physical server resources (Ans)
  • Re-writing of legacy monolithic apps

If you were using container orchestration tools from Docker Inc., which tool would manage your cluster of Docker hosts?

  • Docker Machine
  • Docker Swarm (Ans)
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Clustering

Which of the following advantages do containers have over virtual machines?

  • They are more fault-tolerant.
  • They are more efficient with system resources. (Ans)
  • They are more mature.
  • They are more secure.

Which of the following does the author believe will best help you prepare to thrive in a container world?

  • Partnerships with strategic vendors
  • A Windows only infrastructure
  • Knowledge and experience (Ans)
  • Good change-management processes

Which of the following is a popular place to get developers started with containers in your infrastructure?

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Your production estate
  • Deploying infrastructure services such as DNS and Active Directory
  • New software defined networking solutions (Ans)

Which of the following best describes the Commercially Supported Docker Engine (CS Engine)?

  • Released every ~6 months, supported by Docker Inc., and based on the same codebase as the stable release of the Docker Engine (Ans)
  • Released every ~6 months containing proprietary code contributed by 3rd parties such as IBM, Microsoft, and Red Hat
  • Released every ~6 months, hosted and managed by Docker Inc. on the dotCloud cloud platform
  • Released by 3rd parties such as IBM and Red Hat but based on the stable release of the Docker Engine

Which of the following container registries will be used in a default installation of Docker?

  • Docker Hub (Ans)
  • Quay Enterprise
  • Docker Trusted Registry
  • GitHub

Where can the Docker project and its source code be found?

  • BitBucket
  • It is proprietary code owned and kept in-house at Docker Inc.
  • GitHub (Ans)

Which of the following best describes a stateless app or workload?

  • One that stores changed data
  • One that does not care which public cloud platform it runs on
  • One that does not store any changed data (Ans)
  • One that can run in any state or territory without legal issues

Which of the following is described in the course as being a pro and a con of the hypervisor virtualization model?

  • Being able to move existing apps directly into virtual machines (Ans)
  • The need to change existing apps before they can run inside of virtual machines
  • Virtual machines can run on existing x86 and x64 hardware
  • Hypervisors contain a lot of code, making them feature rich but vulnerable to more attacks

Which of the following does container orchestration help with?

  • Interal cross charging
  • Scaling (Ans)
  • Unit testing
  • Data volume management
Rajesh Kumar