Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 13

Which of the following problems (not solved by hypervisor virtualization) do containers solve?

  • Heterogeneous application management
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Overheads incurred by the multiplicity of Operating Systems (OS) (Ans)

Which of the following commands will download the Ubuntu image from Docker Hub?

  • dkr pull ubuntu
  • docker download ubuntu
  • docker pull ubuntu (Ans)
  • dkr download ubuntu

What is the Open Container Initiative responsible for?

  • Container security standards
  • Container format and runtime standards (Ans)
  • Image format and orchestration standards
  • The Docker Remote API

Which of the following is an important question to answer within your organization?

  • Which public cloud platform to deploy your container infrastructure on
  • Whether to deploy your containerized apps on Windows or Linux systems
  • Who will pay for container-related infrastructure and services (Ans)

What are the three Docker channels?

  • Community, Docker, 3rd Party
  • Linux, Windows, BSD
  • Experimental, Stable, Commercially Supported (Ans)
  • Development, Test, Production

Which of the following is true of Docker containers?

  • Docker containers are not persistent.
  • Docker containers only run in the cloud.
  • Docker containers are persistent. (Ans)
  • Docker containers are more secure than virtual machines.

Which of the following products can run inside of a corporation’s firewall and allows them to ship containerized apps?

  • Docker Universal Control Plane
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Docker Trusted Registry (Ans)

Where is Docker Inc. based?

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Austin, Texas
  • San Jose, California
  • San Francisco, California (Ans)

Which Docker Technology turns on image signing and verification for pushing and pulling images?

  • Docker Image Trust
  • Docker Content Trust (Ans)
  • Docker Trusted Registry
  • Docker Trusted Images

Which of the following is not an advantage of containerized cloud native apps?

  • Portability
  • Security (Ans)
  • Scalability
  • Self-healing

If you needed to deploy a container registry within your own corporate firewall that you own and manage, which of the following products could you use?

  • Docker Trusted Repository
  • Private repositories on Docker Hub
  • Docker Trusted Hub
  • Docker Trusted Registry (Ans)

Which of the following is true of ECS?

  • ECS offers integration with either the ECS registry or Docker Hub images. (Ans)
  • Besides for the regular AWS resources in use, ECS charges users on a per-cluster basis.
  • ECS automatically launches a fully-managed EC2 instance for every cluster created.
  • At the cluster level, ECS can only be managed from the browser-based console.

You can display detailed information about an ECS cluster from the command line using…

  • aws ecs cluster –help
  • aws ecs clusters –list
  • aws ecs list-clusters
  • aws ecs describe-clusters (Ans)

You can set load balancing and auto scaling for a deployment in the _______ configuration menu of the console.

  • Container (Ans)
  • Cluster Update
  • Task Definitions
  • Services

Adding the “Amazon EC2 Container Service for EC2 Role” to your EC2 instance allows __________.

  • ECS resources to connect to the EC2 instance
  • the EC2 instance to be registered within an ECS system
  • the EC2 instance to connect to ECS resources (Ans)
  • the account root user to manage the EC2 instance

An ECS task can be described as:

  • A software tool used to manage cluster resources
  • A software agent used to enable communication across a cluster environment
  • A collection metadata defining the environment elements needed to launch Docker containers (Ans)
  • A virtual container profile

Which of the following files on an EC2 ECS-optimized AMI instance must be edited to permit access to Docker Hub private repositories?

  • /etc/ecs/ecs.config (Ans)
  • /etc/ecs-config
  • /ecs/ecs.config
  • /etc/ecs/ecs-config

What is the primary purpose of adding a tag to a Docker image?

  • To identify the object as an image
  • To identify the image’s ownership and origin
  • To allow for easier visual identification once your infrastructure grows
  • To direct Docker to the appropriate remote repository (Ans)

Which of the following commands will return authentication credentials for the EC2 Container Repository service?

  • aws ecr login –region
  • aws ecr get-login –region (Ans)
  • aws get-login –region
  • aws get-region

Which of these tools provides information about all the Docker resources on your system?

  • docker info (Ans)
  • docker inspect
  • docker images
  • docker ps
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