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Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 21

Which of the following is needed to deploy a Docker Stack?

  • Compose v2 file format
  • Kubernetes
  • Compose v3 file format
  • Docker Cloud (Ans)

What is the name of the configuration file that describes how to build a new Docker image with your app-code inside?

  • dockerfile (Ans)
  • config.json
  • docker-file
  • dockerfile.json

Which of the following is the worst number of managers for high availability?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 2 (Ans)
  • 7

Which command can you use to get a shell session inside of a container?

  • docker container login
  • docker container exec (Ans)
  • docker container shell
  • docker container ssh

Which Docker EE technology performs layer-7 (application layer) load balancing?

  • The ingress network
  • The Service Mesh
  • The HTTP Routing Mesh (HRM) (Ans)

Which of the following best decribes a Docker Image?

  • A read-write template for starting one or more containers
  • A point-in-time snapshot of a container used for backups
  • A data volume that can be mounted inside of a container
  • A read-only template for starting one or more containers (Ans)

You have two services running on a Swarm, but they cannot find each other by name. Which of the following could be the reason why?

  • They are on different overlay networks (Ans)
  • They were not manually registered with the Swarm DNS when they were created
  • Service discovery only works on bridge/NAT networks
  • You did not create the Swarm DNS

Which of the following is a loose definition of a Docker container?

  • A VM running a shared kernel with resource limits applied
  • A unikernel running on a hypervisor with resource limits applied
  • An isolated area of an Operating System with resource limits applied (Ans)

What will happen if you start a new container or service and specify a volume that does not currently exist?

  • You will be prompted to create the new volume
  • The command will complete but the container/service will fail to start
  • The command will fail
  • Docker will create the volume for you (Ans)

What are the base requirements to be able to use Docker Secrets?

  • Swarm mode and an external CA
  • Swarm mode and self-encrypting disks for the cluster store
  • Docker in Swarm mode (Ans)
  • Docker

Which of the following are top-level keys in a stack file (Compose v3 file)?

  • Version, deployments, networks, volumes
  • Version and services
  • Version, services, networks, volumes (Ans)
  • Services, pods, networks, volumes

Which of the following is an advantage of Multi-stage Builds?

  • Multi-platform images
  • Better image documentation
  • Faster image builds
  • Smaller images (Ans)

Which of the following is a recommended number of Swarm managers for high availability?

  • 4
  • 3 (Ans)
  • 2

Which of the following best describes a Bridge (NAT on Windows) network in Docker?

  • Token-ring (Ans)
  • Multi-host overlay network
  • A single-host network

How does the HRM know how to route traffic to the correct service?

  • iptables rules
  • It inspects HTTP host headers (Ans)
  • DNS labels
  • Custom load balancer rules

By default, where are Docker daemon logs sent to on a Linux system running systemd?

  • syslog
  • The Linux event viewer
  • journald (Ans)

Which of the following is a major goal of Docker volumes?

  • Data replication
  • Data encryption at-rest
  • Object storage
  • Persistent data (Ans)
  • RAID

Which are the two major kernel building blocks that containers are built from?

  • Capabilities and seccomp
  • Namespaces and kernels
  • Namespaces and control groups (Ans)
  • Capabilities and control groups
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