Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 25

Docker Kitematic can ONLY be used to download Docker images.

  • True
  • False (Ans)

Services can be organized into __ with Docker Cloud.

  • roles
  • stacks (Ans)
  • zones
  • groups

Docker works the same way as virtual machines.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

What Docker Compose command can be used to create service images?

  • docker-compose create
  • docker compose
  • docker-compose build (Ans)
  • docker-compose make

Docker Toolbox can only be installed and run on Linux.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

Each instruction in a Dockerfile creates an intermediate container as the image is built.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

What key concepts does Docker rely on?

  • Images and containers (Ans)
  • Images and archives
  • Images and virtual machines
  • Virtual machines and LXC

Setting up communications between multiple containers always requires multiple Docker run statements to be executed.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

Docker volumes are persisted even after a container is deleted.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

Docker Cloud provides a browser-based terminal for services.

  • False
  • True (Ans)

You’ve run the “docker ps” command but no containers are showing. Why?

  • You don’t have an image for the container.
  • All containers are stopped. (Ans)
  • None of these
  • All containers are running.

What options are available for getting source code into Docker Containers?

  • Create a custom docker image with the source code or create a data volume pointing to your dev machine (Ans)
  • Use the Dockerfile “embedcode” instruction
  • Create a custom container with the source code and use the “mount” command to point to your dev machine
  • None of these

What command can be used to “link” a command terminal window to a Docker machine?

  • docker env [machine name]
  • docker-machine environment [machine name]
  • docker-machine env [machine name] (Ans)
  • docker rm [machine name]

What syntax can be used to delete a Docker volume and a container?

  • docker rm remove-volume containerName
  • docker rm -rv containerName
  • docker rm volume containerName
  • docker rm -v containerName (Ans)

VirtualBox is required to use Docker on Mac and Windows dev machines.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

Which of the following use Docker’s layered file system?

  • Docker images only
  • Docker containers only
  • All of these
  • VirtualBox
  • Docker images and containers (Ans)

What syntax can be used to create a volume that Docker manages?

  • docker run -v /temp:/var/temp imageName
  • docker run -vol /temp:/var/temp imageName
  • None of these
  • docker run -v /var/www imageName (Ans)

What syntax can be used to convert a Dockerfile into an Image?

  • docker run -t /tagName .
  • docker create -t /tagName .
  • docker convert -t /tagName .
  • docker build -t /tagName . (Ans)

Which of the following tools are included in Docker Toolbox?

  • Docker Client
  • VirtualBox
  • All of these (Ans)
  • Docker Kitematic
  • Docker Machine

What command can be run to download an image from Docker Hub?

  • docker ps -a
  • docker pull [image name] (Ans)
  • docker rmi [image name]
  • docker images
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