Does IA7 SQL Connection Plugin support Windows Server 2008?

InstallerExpert created the topic: Does IA7 SQL Connection Plugin support Windows Server 2008?
Apologies for the old version reference.

We’ve been using IA7 to build our installers. A while back I installed IA8 as a trial on the same machine as IA7, but we decided not to purchase so IA7 was not officially upgraded.

During a house cleaning exercise I uninstalled IA8 from the machine, which is where my problems began.

Firstly the SQL connection plugin that we use in our installers was not included in the installation package so no SQL Server instances could be found on the network. After re-installing IA7 I’ve now come across a problem where the SQL Connection plugin fails when used on Windows Server 2008 systems. The plugin will detect all of the instances successfully however despite correct credentials the plugin will not connect and run the sql scripts.

This has been verified as a Windows Server 2008 problem because the plugin works correctly on machines running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 when remotely connecting to a SQL Server on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

Any help in this will be greatly appreciated.

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