DXC Technology: Selection and Interview process, Questions/Answers

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DXC Technology: Selection and Interview process, Questions/Answers

DXC Technology is a Fortune 500 global leader in IT services and consulting, offering a dynamic environment for those passionate about technology. Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Tech Powerhouse: They provide a wide range of IT services, from business-to-business solutions and cloud applications to enterprise applications and data security.
  • Focus on Mission Critical: DXC helps businesses run their essential systems and operations while modernizing IT infrastructure for the future.
  • Global Reach: With a presence in over 60 countries, they help companies of all sizes navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

What are the selection and Interview process of DXC Technology?

The selection process at DXC Technology can vary depending on the specific role, location, and level of experience. Here’s a possible roadmap for what you might encounter:

1. Application: Submit your resume and cover letter through DXC Technology’s careers website.

2. Screening and Review: Recruiters will assess your application to identify candidates with the qualifications and experience outlined in the job description.

3. Interview Stages (may vary):

  • Phone Interview: An initial phone conversation with an HR representative or hiring manager to discuss your background, motivations, and interest in the IT services and consulting industry.
  • Technical Screen (for some roles): This might involve assessments evaluating your knowledge of relevant IT concepts, programming languages, or software tools (depending on the role).
  • In-Person Interview(s): These interviews may involve multiple rounds with hiring managers from relevant departments (e.g., cloud computing, cybersecurity, enterprise applications) and potentially senior leadership depending on the role. Here’s what you might encounter based on the role:
    • Technical Roles (Consultants, Developers): Be prepared for in-depth discussions about your technical skills and experience with specific technologies relevant to the role. You might encounter coding challenges or technical questions to assess your problem-solving abilities.
    • Sales or Account Management Roles: Expect questions about your understanding of the IT services industry, DXC’s specific solutions and how they benefit clients, and your ability to build strong relationships with potential customers.
    • General Interview Questions: Behavioral interview questions using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) will be used to assess your relevant skills and experiences across various roles.

4. Additional Assessments: Some positions may involve online assessments to evaluate problem-solving skills, basic math skills (for some roles), or cultural fit.

5. Offer and Background Check: Successful candidates will receive a job offer contingent on a background check.

Tips for Success:

  • Research DXC Technology thoroughly, understanding their diverse service portfolio (cloud, security, applications), focus on mission-critical IT, and global reach.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences that demonstrate a strong fit for the specific role you’re applying to.
  • Be prepared for technical discussions or assessments relevant to the IT field (depending on the role).
  • Practice your behavioral interview skills using the STAR method.
  • Show your passion for technology and innovation (a plus!), strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and an eagerness to contribute to a company shaping the future of IT solutions.

By understanding DXC Technology’s selection process and showcasing your relevant qualifications and technical prowess, you can increase your chances of landing an interview and a position at this leading IT services and consulting company.

How many rounds of interview conducted in DXC Technology?

The number of interview rounds for freshers at DXC Technology can vary depending on the specific role, location, and even the time of year you’re applying [1, 2, 3]. Here’s a general idea:

Number of Interview Rounds for Freshers at DXC Technology:

  • Possible Range: Two to four interview rounds [1, 2, 3].

Here’s a possible breakdown of the interview stages:

  • Initial Application: Submit your resume, cover letter, and you might encounter a web-based assessment about your skills or suitability for the role (often for technical positions) [2, 3]. This assessment is sometimes conducted on the Aspiring Minds (AMCAT) platform [1].
  • Phone Interview (possible): A recruiter might conduct a brief phone interview to discuss your experience and interest in DXC Technology [2, 3].
  • In-Person Interviews (one to three rounds): These could involve discussions with [2, 3]:
    • Hiring Manager or Team Members: They will assess your qualifications, experience (if any), and fit for the specific role (e.g., technical skills for engineering positions).
    • Technical Interviewers (possible for some roles): For technical roles (e.g., engineering, science), you might meet with engineers or specialists to delve deeper into your technical skills and knowledge relevant to the role.
    • Behavioral Interviewers (possible): You might encounter interviewers who focus on behavioral questions to assess your teamwork, problem-solving approach, and communication skills.

What is the salary for freshers in DXC Technology?

Salary for freshers in DXC Technology

Publicly available information on exact salaries for freshers at DXC Technology isn’t advertised on their careers website [4]. Here are ways to get a better idea of the range for entry-level positions:

  • Salary Websites: Explore salary websites like Glassdoor or Indeed. Search for “DXC Technology” and filter by “entry-level” or “freshers” positions in your target location to get a sense of the range for similar roles (e.g., software engineer, IT support analyst).
  • Salary Negotiation: Be prepared to discuss salary during the offer stage, especially if you have relevant experience or a strong educational background in engineering, computer science, or a related field. Research salary ranges beforehand and highlight your skills and willingness to learn to justify your desired compensation.

Tips for Landing a Job at DXC Technology:

  • Research DXC Technology: Learn about their areas of expertise in IT services and consulting [4]. Understand the industries they serve and their global reach [4]. This demonstrates your genuine interest during the interview.
  • Highlight Relevant Skills and Experience: Tailor your resume to showcase skills and experiences relevant to the specific role you’re applying for. This could include technical skills (for programming or engineering roles), analytical skills, communication skills, and a passion for technology.
  • Prepare for Technical and Behavioral Questions: Be prepared to answer technical questions relevant to the role, as well as behavioral questions using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to showcase your problem-solving skills and achievements in previous work experiences (even if not in a technical field).

By following these steps, you’ll gain a better understanding of the potential interview process and salary range for freshers at DXC Technology. Remember, the specific details can vary depending on the role and your qualifications. During the interview process, if there’s an opportunity to ask questions, you can inquire politely about the typical interview structure for the position you’re applying for.

Top questions Asked for freshers in DXC Technology

While there’s no guaranteed list of the absolute top questions for DXC Technology freshers, here’s a breakdown of what you might encounter, along with some tips:

General Interview Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself. (Common opener to showcase background and career goals)
  • Why are you interested in DXC Technology? (Research DXC and their IT services to demonstrate interest)
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Be honest but focus on framing weaknesses as areas for development)
  • Describe a time you faced a challenge and how you overcame it. (Highlight problem-solving skills)
  • Do you have any questions for us? (Prepare insightful questions to show interest and initiative)

Possible Role-Specific Questions (Depending on the Position):

  • Software Engineering: Expect questions on your programming languages (e.g., Java, Python), problem-solving skills, and understanding of software development methodologies (e.g., Agile).
  • IT Support: Be prepared for questions about your technical troubleshooting skills, customer service abilities, and knowledge of various operating systems and software applications.
  • Data Analysis/Science: If the role involves data, expect questions related to your analytical skills, database management skills (SQL being a plus), and familiarity with data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, Tableau).

Tips for Freshers:

  • Highlight Transferable Skills: Even without extensive work experience, focus on transferable skills like communication, teamwork, or research abilities gained through academics or projects.
  • Showcase Your Learning: Mention any online courses, certifications, or projects that demonstrate your interest and initiative in learning relevant IT skills.
  • DXC CLEAR Values: Briefly research DXC’s core values (Client-Centric, Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Respect) and highlight how your skills and personality align with them.

How to apply for job in DXC Technology?

Apply for job in DXC Technology
  • Search for Open Positions: Head to DXC Technology’s careers website: DXC Technology’s careers page.
  • Target Your Search: Utilize filters to find “Entry Level” or “Associate” positions that align with your skills and interests. You can also filter by Location, Job Category (e.g., Software Engineering, IT Support, Data), or Keyword.
  • Apply Online: When you discover a relevant opportunity, click “Apply Now” and follow the instructions. You’ll likely need to submit:
    • Resume: Tailor it to highlight relevant coursework, projects, skills, and achievements, even from volunteer work or extracurricular activities. Quantify your achievements whenever possible.
    • Cover Letter (Optional, but Recommended): Craft a compelling cover letter that showcases your genuine interest in the specific role and DXC Technology. Tailor it to the position and highlight why you’re a strong fit.


  • Prepare for Online Assessments: Some positions might involve online assessments to gauge your technical skills or problem-solving abilities. Research online resources or sample questions (if available) to prepare.
  • Practice for Interviews: Practice answering common interview questions with a friend or family member beforehand.
  • Follow DXC on Social Media: Consider following them on LinkedIn or other social media platforms to stay updated on job postings, company culture, and potential networking opportunities.

By combining this information with research on DXC Technology and the specific role, you can be well-prepared to answer a variety of interview questions and increase your chances of landing a position at DXC!

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