Getting started with Rational Build Forge



What’s new in Rational Build Forge?

What if your software development organization could vastly accelerate the build and release process?

What if you could do all this while leveraging your existing investments? That’s where IBM Rational Build Forge software can help.

IBM Rational Automation Framework is a customizable framework that provides automation of environment build-outs, configuration management and application deployments on heterogeneous middleware platforms. Rational Automation Framework helps cut operational costs, improves productivity, and enables you to gain control over complex middleware environments.

Getting started with Rational Build Forge

Rational Build Forge is multifaceted software with many uses, from basic build capabilities to advanced integrations with other IBM and open source software.

With basic-use tutorials, you can begin by creating and running a simple Hello World project, and move on to address more complex features such as environments, dot commands and adaptors. Each of the following tutorials will take about 30 minutes to complete. You can walk through the step-by-step instructions in the tutorial documents while watching the narrated videos.

1. Creating and scheduling a project in Build Forge (Hello World)

2. Libraries and pass/fail chains

3. Administration (controlling user access)

4. Log Filters (with Apache Ant)

5. Environment Variables

6. Dot Commands

7. Agent Update

Integrating Rational Build Forge across the application life-cycle

Learn how to make Rational Build Forge even more powerful by combining its capabilities with those of other IBM Rational software. With the following resources, you can quickly gain an understanding of the benefits of integration and begin implementing these integrations within your organization.

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