Git Tutorial: Git Basic Workflow Working with Remote Repo at

How 2 Git Repo can share the Committed Code?

How Central Repo is Placed?

List of Git repo Hosting Providers and Their features

FIRST Developer

Step 1 – Register at

Step 2 – Create one Repo

Step 3 – Generate your GITHUB PAT OR SSH Key

Step 4 – Push your code to Github

$ git push master
$ git push URL master

Second Developer

Step 1 – Register at

Step 3 – Generate your PAT

Step 4 – Clone the repo of “FIRST Developer”

Step 5 – Add and commit your changes in Git

Step 6 – Push your Code into Github

$ git clone
$ cd git-demo
$ git log
$ start .
$ vi addfile.txt
$ git add --all
$ git commit -m"ading other person"
$ git status
$ git push origin master

FIRST Developer

Step 1 – Pull the code by Second Developer

$ git remote add origin
$ git pull origin master
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