Git Tutorial: Git Basic Workflow Working with Local Repo

Step 1 – Install git client [ONE TIME]

Step 2 – Create git repo [ONE TIME]

# Create one empty Director
$ mkdir git-work
$ cd gitwork
$ mkdir repo1
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Users/Rajesh Kumar/Desktop/git-work/repo1/.git/

Note - .git woould be hidden dir

Step 3 – Decide which files you want to version OR write code

$ touch
$ touch
$ touch

Step 4 – Set your name and email id using git config [ONE TIME]

$ git config "Rajesh Kumar"
$ git config ""
$ git config --list

Step 5 – Add these files to Git [ Add files from workspace to git staging area ]

$ git add

Step 6 – Commit files [ Commiting files from git staging to repo area ]

$ git commit -m"This is my commit"

Step 7 – How to see commited history

$ git log

Step 8 – How to see what was commited?

$ git show f8cfdfa0c96adaffec9e16bf0257ca1fd85d1b1f

How to know which file is in workdir – staging

Some Useful Scenario

How to add all files?
$ git add --all

How to commit selective file?
$ git commit -m"second commit"

How to commit directory?
$ mkdir src
$ touch src/file.txt
$ git add --all
$ git commit -m"Adding a dir"

How to modify and commit existing versioned file?
$ vi file.txt
$ git add file.txt
$ git commit -m"Modifying with new code in the versioned file"

How to go back to old versioned commit?
$ git checkout commitid

How to go back to MOST LATEST versioned commit?
$ git checkout master

How to delete files in git?
$ git rm
$ git status
$ git commit -m"Del a file"
$ git status
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