Has anyone experience with AccuRev?

mfeighner created the topic: Has anyone experience with AccuRev?
Has anyone experience with AccuRev?

In contrast to most SCM solutions, AccuRev does not use the concepts of branches or labels. Instead, AccuRev prefers the use of the metaphors of streams and snapshots.[1][2][3]

Source code files live in the streams and changes flow down through the hierarchy in which the streams are organized. Streams are first class objects that can be graphically visualized and manipulated by developers to change the behavior of the system without requiring administrative user intervention. It is also possible to crosslink the contents of a stream to another stream, thus making component-based development possible.

• Dynamic streams are typically used to isolate project-level work effort, much the way that branches are used in most other SCM solutions.

• Static (immutable) streams or Snapshots are often used to implement baselines for organization-level work, an activity typically performed using labels in other SCM solutions.

• Private Workspace streams are where the user makes their day-to-day actual changes. These changes are tracked by Accurev but are not visible to anyone else until the user chooses to promote the change to the workspace’s parent stream.


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Found this link which compares AccuRev with Subversion, Perforce, and ClearCase.


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Good Information

But it seems its biased comparison. I doubt about the parameter in which they have compare.

Still looking for some experts comments on this?
Rajesh Kumar
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mfeighner replied the topic: Re:Has anyone experience with AccuRev?
Yes, I am still looking for some comparisons. This is the tool in use at Lawrence Livermore where I had my day-lonog interview last Monday. I was the the thrid person to be interviewedm and they are interviewing one last condidate last of this week, and they will decide. They have been having trouble finding qualified candidates.

Regarding the biased comparion, would you disagree with what is stated?


puneetbhatia77 replied the topic: Re:Has anyone experience with AccuRev?
Dear Friends,

I am working on Accurev in my current organization and here is the summary.

1. Accurev is very handy and easy to go CM tool as comapre to other CM tools. Its GUI is very user friendly and supports both Win and linux platforms.

2. Accurev support max. number of SCM features like clearcase but having advantages over clearcase like stream browser interface, no mastership contention, atomic commits while merging, hot backups etc….

3. Accurev is having quick transion speed as compare to other CM tools specifically clearcase.

4.Lower admin overhead is main advantage of using accurev which is a big challenge if we talk about clearcase.

5.Integration with change control tools like JIRA and development tools like Visual studio and Eclipse.

Hope this helps you to know details about accurev.

Puneet Bhatia

Rajesh Kumar
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