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How to add text Widget in flutter using Dart Packages?

In this blog, I am going to adding text Widget in Mobile App in flutter using Dart Packages. So, I am using VS Code Editor for easy and fast before creating a Project and open “main.dart” in editor and import-

import “package:flutter/material.dart”;

Here, in flutter all screen to called widget like text, button, body. And I to explain the text widget. So, before run App create an app named “myapp”. After that, I am using StatelessWidget and create title name, theme color, home, body and using Scaffold method for text and create child and write text in “Text” and for a design using style –

    fontStyle: FontStyle.italic,
    fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
    fontSize: 30,
    backgroundColor: Colors.yellow,
    letterSpacing: 0.8,
    wordSpacing: 1,
    fontFamily: "Times new Roman",

Code Mention below-

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