How to make one patch for many products

rajeshkumar created the topic: Question about Windows Installer – How to make one patch for many products
Hi there,

My apologies if this wrong forum but I did not find right one.

My company has about 10 products and all of them use one and the same DLL. All products were installed with Windows Installer. Installation setups (*.msi files) distribute that DLL with merge module (*.msm). Now we have found and fixed a bug in that DLL and we need to redistribute it.

I thought that patch maker msimsp.exe will make one patch to update all 10 products but it makes patches from *.msi files only. The need to create 10 patches just to update one DLL which is also installed into the same location (e.g. C:\Program Files\[my company]\Common) looks as an overkill for me.

So, my question is – how to make patch file (*.msp) from *.msm module?
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