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How to move repository from Bitbucket to GitHub with all branches and commits?

Step 1 : Create a Blank repository on Github without

Creating blank repository on GitHub

Step 2 : Moving all code and content from bitbucket

  1. Check out the existing repository from Bitbucket:
$ git clone

2. Now adding new GitHub Repository as upstream remote of the repository which is clone from bitbucket.

$ cd testrepo
$ git remote add upstream

3. push all branches and tags to GitHub Repository using below commands

$ git push upstream master
$ git push --tags upstream

Step 3 : Add URL of New Github Repository as redirect URL

$ git remote set-url origin

Step 4: At last Clone all branches and tags to GitHub Repository

$ git push --mirror

Thanks for reading the above article. if you have any issues regarding the above commands then please ask in the comment box. I will give you a brief explanation of it.

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