How to revert the changes once its submitted in Gerrit

How to revert the changes once its submitted in Gerrit

The Revert button is available if the change has been submitted. This Reverts the change via creating a new one. When the Revert button is pressed, a panel will appear to allow the user to enter a commit message for the reverting change.

Once a revert change is created, the original author and any reviewers of the original change are added as reviewers and a message is posted to the original change linking to the revert.

However, patchsets can not be reverted. so first you have to checkout one of the previous patchset. you can get the command from Gerrit review board at each patchset download panel. After checking it out amend it to generate new commit hash then pushed again as a new patchset.

If I have multiple patch set versions for one change in Gerrit, You can only submit the latest patch set version. The design assumes that the most recent patch set is the one developers will review and test, and as such older patch sets can not be submitted.

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