How to setup Docker Registry/Repository using Jfrog Artifactory

Step 1 – Register and Login
Url –

Step 2 – Get a API key
Browse & Tab called “API Key”

Step 3 – In Host Machine, Login to

[code]$ docker login -u scmgalaxy -p 543a55849465b127357a92231f63b321980f1fb[/code]

Step 4 – Pull the Artifactory image.

[code]$ docker pull[/code]

Step 5 – Run the Artifactory Image

[code]$ docker run -d -p 8081:8081[/code]

Step 6 – Browse the Artifactory
admin / password

Step 7 – Get a Artifactory trial License
Get a Trial Artifactory trial using

Step 8 – Apply License

Step 9 – Create Docker repo using Artifactory
Create Docker repo using Artifactory and in Repo Advance Setting, use Docker Access Method “Repostory Path”. and Note down the Repo

Step 10 – Convert Docker default https to http
Convert Docker default https to http using

Setup Docker service to use insecure(http) registry instead of https

i.e –

Step 11 – Stop and Start Docker Engine

[code]$ systemctl stop docker
$ systemctl start docker
$ docker start cont-id-artifactory[/code]

Step 12 – Login / Push / Pull now

[code]$ docker login -u admin -p password
$ docker pull<IMAGE>:<TAG>
$ docker push<IMAGE>:<TAG>

$ docker push
$ docker pull<IMAGE>:<TAG>[/code]

Rajesh Kumar