How to Turn Off Windows 10 Update in simple 3 ways?

Windows 10 Update is essential for any users to work smoothly on his system. you can turn off this feature in 3 ways. But in my opinion, you should not stop the windows update. I realize that after two to three updates. It goes to a stable position. After that if you want to stop the update you can follow below steps :

Option 1: Windows Update Service

  • Press Window + R (Run Command), Type services.msc and press Enter
  • Then Find Windows Update in services list and open it
  • In ‘General Tab’ find Startup type and change it to Disabled
  • Then Restart Your System.

To Enable Windows update simply follow above steps and change Startup type to ‘Automatic’.

Option 2: Setup a Metered Connection

If you are using wifi connection then you can set it to Metered Connection to stop some updates to your system.

  • Open the setting App (Press Window + I)
  • Open “Network & Internet”
  • Open “Wi-Fi” and click on “Wifi Name”
  • Find “Set as metered connection” to On

Note: If Your PC connected through Lan Cable then Metered Connection option is disabled. This option will work only with Wi-Fi Connection.

Option 3: Group Policy Editor

The group policy editor will help you to notify the latest update before it updates automatically.

  • Open Run command (Press Window + R)
  • Type gpedit.msc and press Enter
  • Click on Computer Configuration ⇨ Administrative Templates ⇨ Windows Components ⇨ Windows Update
  • Open Configure Automatic Updates and change settings to “2 – Notify for download and auto install
  • Then Click on Apply and Ok
  • Open the Setting App (Window + I) and select Update & Security ⇨ Windows Update
  • Then Click “Check for Updates” Which apply the new configuration settings
  • Then Restart your System
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