How to Upload files or Documents in Mysql Database Using laravel.

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Step: 1- First of all you have to go:-

Step:2- then right-click in this Drive and got to Git Bas Here and click.

Step:3-run the composer

step: 4- write the project name. then press Enter. it will take time for this run this project

Step:5- The next step go to inside the project folder and click the Git base Here and write php artisan serve . and Enter

And copy the url like that: run this url in the web browser.

Step:6- see the pic

Step:7- now we need to create a File model.

Step:8- migrations using the following command.

Step:9– Create the file table.

Step:9-  File.php, write the following code.

Step:10- Now, define the Relationship inside the User.php model.

Step:11- php artisan make:controller FileController. run this command in composer.

Step:12- Create a View and Route for uploading files.

Step:13- home.blade.php create this page

Step:14- you need to define the Post route inside routes >> web.php file.

you can see the page view.

Step:15- Storing the form data.

Also, we need to update our view to see the flash message.