Upload image in the database with local folder and image send mail.

Step-1 open terminal as a git base here in C:\xampp\htdocs look a pic

After click on git base Here it will be open like this look a pic.

After an open the terminal, you have to paste this code in the terminal below this code for making laravel project.and press enter to run this project. It will take a few minutes for installing this project.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel ImageUploadMailSend "5.8.*"

Step-2 After installed the project type in your terminal for inter the project cd ImageUploadMailSend

Step-3 Open this project in any code editor like that notepad++,visual code. and go to .env file and write database name.

Step-4 make database in follow this step.

Step:5 After start Apache and MySql ,open browser write this url http://localhost/phpmyadmin/server_databases.php then make database anme.

Step-6 mkae a controller.
php artisan make:controller SendEmailController

Step:7 make a model
php artisan make:model UploadImage -m

Step:8 write a column name in this table name, email, image. database\migrations\2020_10_23_070450_create_upload_images_table.php

Step-9 Then migrate table
go to terminal and write this keyword for migrate
php artisan migrate

Step:10 Then make a view page send_email.blade.php

This is code of send_email.blade.php

Step:11 make one blade page resources/view/dynamic_email_template.blade.php

Step-12. make route go to and write this code in web.php

Step-13 web.php

Step-14 go to controller and call model class.

Step:15 make a mail
php artisan make:mail SendMail

Step-16 go to Mail/Sendmail then write this code. it will work for send mail.

Step-17 open mailtrap and make a account,

Step-18 Then Configure .env file

Step-19– After run this command in the terminal
php artisan c:cache
php artisan serve after serve you can run run this url in your broswer