How to write good DevOps engineer resume/CV and samples?

Even though DevOps is still a growing professional discipline, you are likely to encounters several others who are trying to secure the same positions you’re applying for. A well-composed curriculum vitae can set you apart, but only if you have the right resources available to help you create one. Included here is a DevOps engineer CV template along with a few writing tips to help you see exactly how such a document should be structured. Consult these resources as you’re writing your own CV, and you’ll be able to quickly create an effective tool to submit alongside your application.

Resume is a way of expressing yourself in fewer words from educational and provisional viewpoint. Try to keep it crisp and to the point, along with mentioning the summary of your experience. As per my believe we have a good understanding on what is DevOps, how it works and its importance in the IT world. So, here I’m trying to show you that how to write an impressive or attractive resume for your dream job in DevOps. You know that the first impression is the last impression, so never forget that you only have one opportunity to make the first impression in the front of recruiters with your resume, so make sure you have the best use of it.
The Do’s & Don’ts you should always remember:-
No one has time to read an essay about you, unless you have really done a substantial, solid amount work that you know in and out about.

Always try to write a short summary of skills that you have as keywords e.g. linux, bash, scripting, ansible, jenkins etc. Anybody who has five second to look at your resume should get a gist of what you know.

Add something that you actually know well. Don’t add a tool which you have read about a blog, or popular. The person who is going to interview you can figure you out in minutes. And if you keep on telling, I know about this tool, but used it long ago, or have no hands on experience, it has a negative impression.

Add a link to your work e.g. github, slideshare etc., Talk about your contributions to open source projects if any.

Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and clear type.

Use bullets to call attention to important points (i.e. accomplishments)

Don’t mention such statement such as “I want to be the best DevOps Engineer in the world and work at a prestigious company and add value….blah blah blah” because no one cares about it.

No matter how well written, your resume won’t get thorough reading the first time thorough. Generally a resume gets scanned by 25 seconds. Scanning is more difficult if it is hard to read, poorly organised or exceeds two pages.

Making too many general claims and using too much industry jargon that does not market the candidate. A resume is a marketing document designed to sell your skills and strengths rather than just portray a bio of the candidate.