Introduction of Chef Automate

Chef Automate is a centralized dashboard for following product of chef for enterprise.

  • Chef InSpec
  • Chef Infra Server
  • Chef Habitat

Chef Automate provides Chef servers that include premium features of Chef Automate: Chef Infra and Chef InSpec. Chef Automate provides a full suite of enterprise capabilities for maintaining continuous visibility into application, infrastructure, and security automation.

A Chef Automate server manages the configuration of nodes in your environment by instructing chef-client which Chef recipes to run on the nodes, stores information about nodes, and serves as a central repository for your Chef cookbooks.

Chef Automate is the dashboard, data aggregation, and analytics layer for all Chef products, including

  • Chef Infrastructure Management,
  • Chef Compliance,
  • Chef App Delivery,
  • Chef Desktop, and
  • Chef Enterprise Automation Stack.

It allows developers, operators, and security engineers to collaborate effortlessly to
deliver application and infrastructure changes at speed and scale. Chef Automate provides actionable
insights across multiple data centers and cloud providers where your nodes live.


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